The art world is full of many mediums and dimensions that pull us all together. Even all artists are tied together with different forms and bound by their collaboration. New York Art Life commits to introducing artists that break barriers of previous expectations and perceptions of art, those who transform the experience of art for their audience and beyond what their intended audience. In this article, Baya Bae will be introduced, and her work will be explored. 

Baya Bae is an animator and motion graphics designer based in New Jersey. She has an extensive background in creating a universe within the realm of animation and motion graphics. From an early age, Baya Bae knew that she wanted to pursue a career in animation and to be able to share her ideal universe with an audience. And with ambition, she has had great success working on projects that were well-received by large-number audiences. 

Her most recent achievement has been working on the film Salary Serf. The film had tremendous success with audiences and was received well by various film festivals as well. It was an official selection at Athens Animfest, Animation Dingle, Void––International Animation Film Festival, and NYC Animation/Anime Film Festival, only to count a few. Salary Serf was also a contestant at film festival awards and went far in many different venues. This was a great moment for Baya Bae, as well as the entire crew and creative team for Salary Serf. The animation was a semi-finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest, as well as at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. It also received the same rank at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

Salary Serf won an award at London Independent Film Awards and received high praise for the intricate details of the visuals and the coordination of different parts together. The film was also a finalist at Montreal International Animation Film Festival called Animaze, which is a prestigious and significant award. 

Baya Bae is also currently a lead animator at Tilting Point, where she creates motion graphic advertisements for mobile game titles. This company offered some of the best graphics for top clients, such as the Spongebob Krusty Cook-Off game. This game was one of the most played and accomplished projects. It won the Player’s Choice Awards, Google Play Best of 2020, and the Mobile Game Awards in 2021. It has also had over ten million downloads. Baya Bae had the responsibility of creating the app store video, and Tiktok videos for clients such as SpongeBob Krusty Cook-Off, and making in-game animations and commercial videos. 

Another project where Baya Bae had key responsibilities such as last one was Terragenesis This game won the Participant Choice Award in Green Game Jam in 2022. It also had over ten million downloads. For this game, Baya Bae made cinematic commercials to promote the work. Her work was a significant aspect of the project’s growth. Prior to that, Baya Bae worked on commercials for the game Star Trek Timeline. This game also was nominated at an award venue called the International Mobile Gaming Awards Global and it had over five million downloads.

Baya Bae has had many successes working on content for big clients. These clients have a grand number of audiences therefore, the work must be at a world-class level, which Baya Bae has definitely delivered. It is also important to note some of the other content she has created for clients such as Zombieland: AFK Survival, in which she created the teaser and commercials. And last but not least, Baya Bae’s work for Narcos: Idle Cartel was launching the trailer. Her work has been seen by countless audiences of various ranges, and she has collaborated with some of the best video game producers and companies. 

Prior to Tilting Point, Baya Bae explored this industry in different places and companies and even developed her own perspective of the work, with a fresh style that is distinctive and appealing to the eyes of audiences. Baya Bae’s work began with motion graphics in different companies that created content of excellence for large-scale projects, usually for clients with demanding ideas. She explored the ins and out of the profession as a brand designer for a broadcasting company called CJ E&M for two years. The range of work was mainly TV program branding, such as logos titles, and promotions. She worked here with many important executives and producers, and they greatly appreciated the fresh work she offered in the animation and motion graphics field. 

Baya Bae believes that her work has many dimensions and aspects and dives deep into these small universes. She is more interested in having a great range within her career than to focus on only one style and perspective. This is also what exposes to her countless companies and projects and gives her a broader audience to work with. She has many sides to her and the way she views the artistic world. She believes she has a “profound, melancholic and morose side, and the other is Day-Glo.” More of a splashy side like a happy smile as she puts it. She also incorporates elements of each side of herself into her work, which makes the work entirely hers. Baya Bae also believes that motion graphics is a great tool to infuse these two sides together when creating content.

Currently, Baya Bae is exploring new projects and bringing content to life that is based on interesting and life-sized projects and games. Her biggest ideal is to visualize vague ideas to clients and in turn to audiences. With that in mind, she is also experimenting with newer styles and different modes of her character, which definitely shows in her work. 

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