Bobby and the Crew Drop New Single

In “Let the Candle Burn,” their follow-up to “Prince of Charm” and the latest single to arrive in 2023 overall, Bobby and the Crew go out of their way to demonstrate an interest in melodicism over muscularity, and although theirs is a sound becoming increasingly aligned with a hybrid of indie rock and retro pop’s best features, I don’t think they’re moving away from genuine thrill-seeking beats at all.

“Let the Candle Burn” boasts a rather relaxed rhythm that slowly turns into a vacuum for a swarthy harmony at the center of the mix. We listen on as the bassline constricts around the guitar parts and we’re left with a vocal struggling to whisper its poeticisms to us. There’s so much tension and yet an underlying catharsis spilling out of the instrumentation pendulously; all in all, this could oddly be Bobby and the Crew’s most complicated song to date.  

First off, the interplay between the melodic components of the harmony, such as the sax, is stunning and alludes to an appreciation of old-school pop influences that I would personally love for this band to explore a little more than they already have. Like a duel coming into focus suddenly, the strings fight for the affections of a muted lead vocal; the verses occasionally reflect the depth of the music, while in other moments separating from the tempo and tone of the instrumentation entirely. Bobby and the Crew want us to be uncomfortable at this moment, and when I took a closer look at the lyricism for some additional clarity, I was instantly enamored with the narrative as it came together.  

There’s nothing fanciful about the concept behind “Let the Candle Burn,” and yet it’s undeniably gripping, performance-centric, and structured as a dreamscape more than it is a standard pop track. There’s a pained desire to be heard in the lyrical imagery here that feels almost suffocated by the overwhelming gush of the alternative grind in the music, and the irony this suggests should perhaps be credited as one of the most inventive and provocative emissions Bobby and the Crew have shared with us since their initial formation. This is mood music at its most sincere and unguarded, and in a year like 2023, I don’t think that we could have asked for anything more out of a band trapped in the throes of underground stardom but still looking to break out in a big way.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Bobby and the Crew are going to come up with inside of the studio next, and although theirs isn’t going to be the easiest of paths into the spotlight, I do think they’re well on their way to making a significant mark on the mainstream a lot sooner than later. “Let the Candle Burn” contains an honest substance I simply haven’t been able to locate in the vast majority of new pop/rock singles out this year, and while this isn’t the only reason, it’s even more proof that Bobby and the Crew are a band to keep an eye on through the foreseeable future.  

Nicole Killian

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