Brooklyn’s Mount Hudson releases a Stunning Single

Brooklyn, New York’s Mount Hudson has released the stunning track “Lakeside Water”. Fans of folk music and the pop genre alike will gravitate towards this stunner of a song – bright with stirring violin strings, plump guitars and Dave Yim (Mount Hudson’s real name) vocals so soothing and melodic it’s hard not to feel like this is a lullaby. “Lakeside Water” is a strong showing of lyrical content and original music orchestration.


With solid word choices, Mount Hudson presents the listener with eloquent, yet simple,  songwriting: “when the whole world dances around you, choose to remember, choose to forget…tell me now, tell me now…choose to stay here, choose to forget” before the memorable line “just be the sound of lakeside water”. As a listener I interpreted his lyrics as the water finds a way – as it laps on the beach, hitting the sand, it does something. It’s physics and like water, one keeps moving and finds a path, fills a blank space. Water doesn’t take time to think, it just does. I liked how he created this idea of the sound of lakeside water – the imagery was instant. I felt like he really took me there and his voice just cascaded along, with sincerity. At times he sounded a bit like Brandon Flowers (The Killers) to me; more of Flowers’ solo work than The Killers discography. At other times, Mount Hudson called to mind Owl City.

The guitar in “Lakeside Water” really shines. It’s warm, not dainty, but elegant. The percussion is faint, and it felt like (besides the vocals) the star of the song is the violin orchestration. It’s beautiful. The bass is kind of plucky at the beginning, and it seems to fall into the shadows. The song is just under four minutes and the production value is sold.

About a minute left to the song, there’s a burst that just feels like the Heavens have opened up. Yim’s voice makes the appropriate changes and equals his energy to the ‘crashing’ of all the instruments. Near the end he sings “tell me now, tell me now, will you ride this train to the end.” As a listener, I interpreted this as going all-out. How willing am I as an individual to put forth something, or what’s the biggest risk to take. Those words “tell me now, tell me now” just plant themselves in your brain and his voice seems to be that little reminder you needed.


It’s been some time since a song gave me so much to contemplate and feel emotionally connected to. “Lakeside Water” accomplished that for me – it made me feel alive and ever-present. It gripped me and it shook my soul just a bit. It has the amazing ability to make one feel like you can cozy up to the song and take on the world after it’s completed. The song runs through your mind. Mount Hudson really shines in this song and it’s well-worth the time to add it to your playlist and music library.

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