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Conceptz might be one of the best-kept secrets in all of hip-hop, as they’ve managed to continue flying under the radar of the mainstream while nonetheless issuing some really provocative content in the last few years. In their latest release, the minimalistic “Hold This L,” they continue to flex a lot of muscle as developers and further prove that sonic decadence is reserved for those who don’t have the capabilities of going totally raw, but I don’t think they can be accused of stripping away anything vital in their sound here. Theirs is a story of confidence as told through the lens of maturity, and at the very heart and soul of their style is a desire to sacrifice nothing in the name of artistic integrity. 


I’ve never personally known these guys to pile on the instrumental fat, and in the case of “Hold This L,” this is one area in which the act hasn’t changed much since their first recordings at all. There’s nothing getting between the bassline, the percussion and the vocal, even in a bid to soften the chemistry between each of the aforementioned entities; it’s all unfiltered, leaving one component to grind into the other and create positive friction where we would have had none (perhaps the only instance of excess you’re going to find in the whole of the master mix). Conceptz don’t have time for scrubs, and their attention to even the most subtle of details within their music is proof of this fact. 

There’s a lot of personality in these lyrics, and more than anything else there’s a fearlessness to the very approach being taken to the narrative that bleeds through the verses and into every beat contained in “Hold This L.” You can’t rehearse swagger like that which we find in the chorus of this track into existence; it’s either there or it’s not, and Conceptz are doing everything they can to exploit it in the most proper of ways in this track and the pair of additional remixes it’s been given so far. Whether it’s the shot they openly take at Tory Lanez or the creative sentiments of the hook here – which are some of the best I’ve heard from any Jersey-born act in a long time – this isn’t an artistry built atop muted statements. 


A new single from Conceptz can only mean good news for rap fans around the globe this season, and once you check out “Hold This L” for yourself, I think you’re going to understand precisely what I’m saying. “Hold This L” is a packed track that doesn’t try to overextend its melodic wit just for some cheap thrills anyone could generate through the appropriate usage of a well-chosen sample – it feels original even at its most basic, which isn’t something that can be said for a lot of trap output making headlines in 2021. I’ll be looking out for more material like this soon, and with any luck Conceptz won’t keep us waiting on additional gems for too long. 

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