“Get Over Yourself” by Rob Alexander (feat. Gigi Worth)

Rob Alexander’s work as an anesthesiologist seems like an odd fit for such a talented singer. It doesn’t matter, however. All that matters is that it has given Alexander the latitude to pursue his musical desires. Those desires have manifested themselves on four full-length album releases over the last six years and his newest offering, Young Man’s Eyes, is set for a June 5th release this year. The first single from the new collection “Get Over Yourself” paves the way for the album in grand style. It is a ferociously infectious pop gem that hits the ground running and streaks off into the stratosphere adorned with a powerful Alexander vocal.

Guest singer Gigi Worth joins Alexander for the ride. The longtime backing vocalist has a sparkling pedigree thanks to singing with and for such legends as pop songsmith par excellence David Foster, Kenny Loggins, David Crosby, Whitney Houston, Christopher Cross, and Michael McDonald, to name a few. They make for a spellbinding tandem on this track. Alexander’s deep voice carries the first part of the tune before Worth makes her belated entrance and the synergy they create defines the song.

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Alexander’s singing deserves study. He isn’t shy about showcasing his influences, especially Elton John, but he isn’t a cut-rate imitation. Alexander has a far more rugged voice than the illustrious Englishman, muscular and assertive, and his timbre bubbles with irrepressible positivity. It’s no small thing, especially in light of the song’s subject.

Alexander confronts head-on the idea that we are the centers of our respective universe and throws down a challenge to every listener. “Get Over Yourself” demands that we see ourselves not as the lodestars of our world but, instead, as part of life’s larger machinery and beholden to leave our personal piece of real estate in a far finer condition than we found it. It’s a message that may not find its footing with every listener, but it’s one that we need to hear each day.

It’s never preachy, however. Alexander builds that message in affirmative terms rather than decrying our lack of character. “Get Over Yourself” is a song acknowledging our common humanity and rife with the hope that we can rise above such failings. He further reinforces that hope with the stirring vocals – not just from him, but Gigi Worth as well.

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What an introduction to his latest album. Young Man’s Eyes should climb higher than any of his preceding releases on the back of tunes such as this. Rob Alexander is nearing the peak of his considerable powers and newcomers to his music will rejoice in a singer/songwriter possessing such fervor. His longtime fans will find their belief in his talent further strengthened by this single and it whets their appetites for the full collection to come.

Get onboard now if you haven’t already. South Florida is a hotbed for cutting-edge music of various stripes and Rob Alexander deserves to be counted among the forefront of the region’s talents. Now he’s ready more than ever to take on the world. 

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