“I Love Christmas” (single) by Cassandra

Cassandra gives “I Love Christmas” to Amnesty International for Christmas and for music lovers who want something giving for. This is no ordinary Christmas song and Casandra is no ordinary singer. If there is one thing that I’ve discovered by hearing this, it’s that Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario has one of the industry’s best kept secrets. This is where Christmas, music, positive relationships and good vibrations come together and permanently stay there in a song forever. There’s a lot more to be said about such a strong voice and classy delivery, especially once you hear “I Love Christmas” and let it sink in.

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I can’t even remember how long it has been since I heard a new Christmas song and it turned out to be this good, but it’s been a while and I think that would cross anyone mind who hears it. The music in the song speaks for itself and would have nothing less than what Cassandra’s vocals bring to it, even if it sounds like I’m gloating. But I genuinely find this to be a top shelf production that will go over well at Christmas for years to come. I became an instant fan when I heard “I Love Christmas.”

This song almost makes you wonder if you haven’t heard it before, and that’s the best way to describe how good it is, because that’s what a great song always does. But at the end of the day it just doesn’t get any better than this song, and that’s always worth the price of admission, and in this case, to Cassandra’s charity of choice. This is something for the festive lovers but also uplifting for anyone in need of holiday inspiration, so what more can you really ask for. I find “I Love Christmas” impossible to fault in any way.

You can even put Cassandra in the class with her peers and beyond with some of the experience she’s had including working on a cruise ship doing lounge/jazz and more currently working with Nashville songwriter and artist developer, Kris Bergsnes. The song reflects a combination of these aspects of her career, and the rest is all about Christmas, the lover of it and anyone listening. And while her singing sounds personally directed at someone, it doesn’t give it any feeling of exclusivity, it’s just the usual lyrical metaphors. But who really knows after all, and that’s the mystery of all good love songs.

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I would call “I Love Christmas” I love song about Christmas and loved ones, if I were to put it in a nutshell. You can only dig so deep when you either like something or not, and it didn’t take long for me to fall for this song. From the lovely piano and jazzy horn parts to her amazing voice, it’s well-wrapped gift for anyone and Amnesty International gets the proceeds. Nothing tops giving a hundred percent of the money to charity no matter what the cause, and this song is worth many times the price of today’s single.

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