“Indulgent Fool” by Gasoline Tequila

“Indulgent Fool” is the new instrumental track from New York City’s Gasoline Tequila. Putting to music the early happenings of courtship and into the wee-hours of dating, this sizzling Flamenco-guitar fused indie rock song is an ever-long, intimate journey. The best way to enjoy this song is to truly indulge into its magnetic rhythms.

Formed in 2016, Gasoline Tequila’s discography is The Good Dirty, Premonition and Written in Code. The main force behind the band is front man Massimo Lusardi. Among the band’s accomplishments are performing at New York Fashion Week, starting a clothing line, having music featured in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and having their own coffee company. Outside of music, Lusardi has also worked in the hospitality industry. He places that same service into his artistic expression – he really cares for his listeners.

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Just as the Flamenco dance is “highly expressive”, so is the guitar work in “Indulgent Fool”. Sitting back and really listening to this song is like an adventure novel. It tells a wonderful story that reveals drama, delight and possibly regret. There seems to be a protagonist that starts out fun, lively. By the song’s middle, the tempo is roaring and the melodies are illustrious. With “fool” in the title, one might think there be folly, or some sort of silliness. But, as the song glides along, the idea of a one-night stand starts to take place. Maybe as the morning sun starts to rise, the previous night’s decisions show just a bit of regret. I think “Indulgent Fool” plays on this theme and nails it. No pun intended. There’s a heightened spectacle, and the textures in the guitar sound thunderous and almost like fire-crackers at one point, but they subside by song’s end. The guitar riffs take risks and each pays off. There are no low parts to this mountainous song. It’s a rush of adrenaline for most of the song, but alas, the party does come to an end. It’s as if the dance partners have moved closer to each other, as the guitars race, the image of a dancing couple nearly nose to nose confiscates the listener’s mind. The stage is set, the characters are in place. The night is going to be one wild ride.

“Indulgent Fool” creates a sense of a big city, a hopping scene. As the scorching guitars flicker, the sights and sounds brim to the surface. The sultry mood feels fresh, almost hovering over the listener like the Time Square Ball ready to drop. As everyone is looking up, anticipating the moments to the countdown, the whoosh, the thrilling notes domino one after the other. A burgeoning bass undertow is but a slight interruption, bolstering the main guitar’s sound. It sounds more caffeinated than expected, but delights in each measure. It tiptoes its way just a smidge into the seedy side of things, but sounds very upbeat and frisky the majority of the song. “Indulgent Fool” straddles the line between being a film score and the soundtrack to just one passionate evening.

Nicole Killian

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