Kaitlyn Kohler Releases “Everywhere I Go”

2023 has been a crazy year without question, but it’s also been a year in which we’ve seen one of the better eras for indie country fans collectively experienced in the new millennium. Amidst a season of pure experimentation for most of the world’s recording artists, incredible material has begun to come out of the woodwork, a lot of inspired by the times we’re living in, some of it coming to light simply because of the window being afforded to underground players for the first time in a generation – enter Kaitlyn Kohler, a Beaumont, Texas-stationed songwriter who has been turning more than a couple of heads this June. Her new single “Everywhere I Go” has the feel of a cosmo country tune, but what makes it a true stand-out has more to do with its substance than the timing of its release. 

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When pressing the play button on “Everywhere I Go” for the first time, one can’t help but notice the diverse influences Kohler brings with her into the studio. The casual playfulness of the strings that serve as a welcome mat of sorts; the lyrical warmth that alludes to a moderate pop when it’s presented through our singer’s crisp vocal; even the tension of the percussion, as it never comes undone, seemingly designed to magnify the yearning within the narrative in a way other instruments wouldn’t have been able to. Everything, and I do mean everything in this track feels a little eclectic and outside of the box, especially when meshed together, leaving listeners beholden to an exciting surprise no matter what juncture of the song we’re analyzing. 

There’s never any competition in this master mix for the lion’s share of the spotlight – from one end of “Everywhere I Go” to the other, the smooth serenade Kohler offers is the most alluring component of the harmony. She’s got such a star power when she’s ascending the chorus, and while she’s never shouting anything at us, she always sounds louder, more prominent, and more confident than any other element in the music. I have a hard time believing this is only her latest single, but when taking into account just how many years she’s been rehearsing for this moment, it’s not a shock that she’s as on-point as she is on this occasion. 

A smart country song for listeners of all tastes, ages, and backgrounds, you can’t go wrong with “Everywhere I Go” this month, especially if you’ve been hurting for something boldly melodic but missing the over-the-top theatrics that separates the artists who try and the artists who do. Kaitlyn Kohler is going to have plenty of fiercely competitive battles for fans in the years to come, mostly due to the era in which she’s finding her way into the spotlight, but with the chops she’s got, I don’t know that she should feel even slightly intimidated moving forward. “Everywhere I Go” shows me she already has everything she needs, and I’m certain other critics and listeners will agree. 

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