“Nightmare” by Austin based DAYEATER

“Nightmare” by Austin based DAYEATER, is a monster of a song and video. The band has a lot of energy so that is not what surprised me about this single. It’s their story which is equally fascinating.

DAYEATER is a psychedelic trio with guitar, bass and drums. In 2014, guitarist Jesse Lee had a tragic nine-string guitar accident but it’s truly amazing to see his journey, not unlike that of guitarist Tony Iommi. Learning how to play again must not have been easy.

The bass player and drummer also have adversities, but Christopher Noel Brockett’s is more concerning than vegetarian drummer, Landry Jackson. Detecting their sense of humor isn’t hard.

URL: http://www.dayeaterband.com/

First of all, you have to like hard rock or it’s very difficult to appreciate it beyond the classic rock and 80s heavy metal stigmas. Think bands like Iron Maiden and you have a sense of what DAYEATER are driving behind their three-part vocals, and it isn’t even as intense as such bands, it’s just that metal inclination. Perhaps that and their own vocal interpretation, which is where they change the ideas, as well as dressing the part in the videos and on stage. “Nightmare” embodies all these elements without any turn-offs.

They do it all the right way, with the hair do’s, facial hair and colorful flashy suits that are of course out of style but make the point that it’s all fun and if you don’t poke some fun at yourself you lose the plot. It’s done very well, and it takes an effort to realize that about DAYEATER but once you have, you get it. And this is a track with over nine minutes to hear and watch, so it’s paced for the cause by starting off like you’re watching a little movie.

You don’t feel the changes about to come, and that’s why it’s almost like three songs in one with a video to play it all out. The concept is very well acted out and the band get to be seen playing once the song picks up in the middle part and that’s where it gets to be layered and the fun really starts in the song and the video. This is a video made for the song and a song made for the video with a minimum of fuss and bother about it. They show their great entertainment ability on the screen and you want to see it live once you’ve discovered it.

BANDCAMP: https://dayeater.bandcamp.com/track/nightmare

If I were to be in DAYEATER, I’d change nothing except perhaps recording some more elongated songs like “Nightmare” but it’s all there for the taking with only good songs to back it. I’m glad I got the opportunity to review them as a unit as well as this current product because it’s both elements that are rewarding and it has led me to some more great stuff. I am of the opinion the masses should be seeing DAYEATER, as they’d make a great bill with anyone and the “Nightmare” single and video are living proof.

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