Swigga Geovanni releases “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)”

Swigga Geovanni has relocated from his home turf of Brooklyn to Los Angeles in order to realize his musical aspirations and the bet he has made on himself pays off with tracks the quality of “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)”. It’s another manifestation of his skills. Swigga is more than a musical performer alone; he has hands in real estate, DJ’ing, and cooking, among other areas, and his musical skills are a natural evolution of his prodigious talents. Geovanni’s vocal command is impressive for a relatively inexperienced performer; “DMLY” sounds like that floated in the ether waiting for Geovanni to claim it as his own. The track, moreover, pops like Geovanni entered the studio clear about what he wanted to accomplish with the song and how to do it. His instinctual feel for making the performance work separates him from a pack of lesser musical artists and shines through during each second of “DMLY”.

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Many listeners will enjoy the light reggae influence running through the cut. Geovanni never pushes those echoes in an overwrought fashion but the suggestion of that sound running through the arrangement gives it added flavor. Geovanni, obviously, embraces a hip hop groove for this song, but it isn’t cookie cutter variety; there’s a great deal of imaginative energy defining the sound and structure of the track missing from similar efforts where the music serves more as a vehicle for the vocalist and nothing more. There is a funk vibe present in the performance, as well, and Geovanni’s talent for balancing this mix of elements in an effective way is one of the most impressive aspects of “DMLY”.

The rough grain of his intensely rhythmic vocals is another of the song’s strengths. A ton of personality burns through despite the rugged sound of his voice and his performance flies higher than ever when it hits the chorus. Geovanni tackles the refrain with slight variations each time and his multi-faceted approach to the performance enhances the overall presentation. His phrasing rings with conviction throughout. The lyrical content doesn’t remake the songwriting wheel, but it resounds with sincerity and the lack of premeditation or pandering in the writing helps it stand out further.

Swigga Geovanni’s live performances are growing more and more frequent and there’s little doubt “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” will be a scintillating number for audiences. It has tremendous credibility from first note to last, you never doubt Geovanni’s sincerity, and the confidence bubbling through during the song draws you in from the first. The faith he placed in himself to pick up his Brooklyn life and make a go of it in Los Angeles may end up being one of, if not the most, pivotal decision Geovanni has made in his life and the single “DMLY (Daddy Mu Love You)” provides ample evidence for that idea. There’s more to come. Swigga Geovanni is at the start of his musical career and listeners coming in on or near the ground floor of this experience will never regret following his upward trajectory from here.

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