“Thriving as an Empath” by Dr. Judith Orloff

If you want to grow more aware of yourself and others without being weighed down by taking the small stuff too seriously and letting go of the negative energy it can create, then Thriving as an Empath, by Dr. Judith Orloff, is worth the price of admission and then some. It leaves little to no questions to ask on how to keep grounded in a world of over sensitization through everything from background noise to what interferes with even more immediately focused matters. This is all carefully and creatively mapped out with the tools to help stay ahead of the negative shadows and embrace the positive.

MORE INFO: https://drjudithorloff.com/thriving-as-an-empath/

Dr. Judith Orloff helps point out and align the proper practice of self-awareness by balancing it without outer awareness and the pros and cons of each are what you can read between the lines in repeated fashion. There’s so much to take away from this book it’s also a credit to the author without being too focused on that instead of the content within. If she reminds you of anything, it’s that much, through a humble but also very hard lesson. You don’t have to be an empath to learn but if you are, you’ll learn what’s needed to better utilize being one.

The layout and design of the book is done with a second to none calendar style presentation that works for anyone reading along, so it’s easy to follow and very positive and enlightening from first page to last. You get everything from that self-awareness advice to the most effective ways to handle the overwhelming hurdles of life that won’t go away but can be tuned out with the right tools. These tools are provided, and they work if you use them correctly, which can take a while so it’s a great value in returning to when needed.

The overall takeaway of the book is how strong the tips of encouragement are, and it doesn’t matter why or whom they might be for, as many have no idea that they’re empaths. If you read this book you might find out you are one, or you might get much better insight to empaths around you in general. It’s a fascinating read for both needs and wants on the ever-growing subject of empathy. And being interested in but not an expert of any sort on the subject, myself, I learned a maximum of positive information and how to use it.

BUY THE BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Thriving-Empath-Self-Care-Sensitive-People/dp/1683642910

The book covers so much but still easy to give way much in a review, so it’s best to pick it up and keep picking it up for more, because it was written to be read only once, it’s a long lasting piece of work. The author runs deep and makes no secret of that about her clients and to readers on the same token and spoken from true experience. It’s a read that reminds you of the fact that action is more trustworthy than someone’s words, so it has many uses beyond meets the eye that way. My hat goes off to the amazing author.

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