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Ah, the things you hear from the mouths of the young. If you didn’t read any accompanying press materials, didn’t search the Internet in any way, and listened to Trisha & Thara’s single “Too Late Again”, you’d guess they are both in their mid-late 20’s. Wrong. The 16- and 13-year-old sisters have already sharpened a popular live act that’s corralled appearances throughout New England and keep up with a schedule of 20+ shows per season as lead vocalists for headliners Synco.

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“Too Late Again” doesn’t try to mimic the success of her preceding singles. The twosome moves in a different direction this time and opts for a mix of EDM and pop. The former makes its presence felt around the song’s chorus while the verses are spartan in comparison. Artistic discernment at this level is unusual in any artist, but even a single listen to this track should convince experienced listeners the sisters knew what they wanted with this song before ever committing to a recording.

It is, of course, powered by synths and drum machines. We are thankfully far removed when writing such words automatically meant the track possessed a sterile and uninviting sound. Trisha and Thara’s “Too Late Again” has a warm and substantial sound despite the presence of synths and other adornments. The vocals, specifically, benefit the most from the song’s sound. The single’s producer Brad Young has a long history of succeeding with material like this and his contributions put an added dollop of excellence on an already top notch mix.

The writing has a measured perspective you wouldn’t expect. The sisters claim that the lyric isn’t autobiographical but, instead, is a cross-section of people they’ve known and situations they’ve heard about. It’s a special talent to be able to take in other people’s experiences at any age and give them artistic shape as we hear during “Too Late Again”. It is another matter, entirely, for a teenager and her pre-teen sister to accomplish few adults can match.

They have the sort of canny instincts it takes years to develop. “Too Late Again” doesn’t overreach and weary listeners with self-indulgence. It’s a song that keeps the listeners in mind from the first second to last while also fulfilling its own aims. Succeeding on both counts sets Trisha and Thara apart in yet another way from their peers and contemporaries performing similar fare. They also have the boundless potential for further development that we associate with the best artists.

Trisha & Thara are getting better and better each time out. These sort of impressive leaps forward from one track to the next never leave listeners behind and share the same impulses to share and create driving the pair since their journey began. There are many miles ahead and even greater achievements to come. It’s perhaps a bit heavy-handed to talk about such notions as destiny, but it definitely feels and sounds like Trisha & Thara are headed in the direction they have always been meant to travel.

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