13th New York City Greek Film Festival

The 13th annual New York City Greek Film Festivals runs over six days beginning on October 17th and ending the 23rd. The festival maintains a full slate of events during that time ranging from short and feature length films from Greek cinema as well as those produced in other regions of the world yet concerned with Greek interests. Live performances, speakers, and Q&A sessions figure into the schedule as well. This prestigious film festival benefits a great deal from organizers with a clear vision for its structure and ambitions who are focused on providing a well rounded and comprehensive experience for their audience. The bulk of the festival’s events take place at New York City’s historic Florence Gould Hall located at 55 East 59th Street with ancillary events occurring in the Hall’s Tinker Auditorium.

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: https://nycgreekfilmfestival.com/

It is the comprehensive experience provided by the festival that makes it such a must-attend event for aficionados of Greek cinema and culture, but it makes it a can’t miss as well for newcomers to the culture’s history. One of the key events built into the festival’s schedule is the digital exhibition “The Legend of Alexander the Great as Ancient Greek and Byzantine Legacy” in the facility’s gallery running through October 20th. This world premiere collaborates with a number of noted Greek archeologists and presents a manuscript originally commissioned in the 14th century by Emperor Alexios Komninos of Trabzon and compiled by highly skilled copyists from that era recounting Alexander’s life. It is further enhanced by the inclusion of 250 miniatures aiding its narration. There is a planned exhibition of Alexander-themed engravings produced by Xdtaris Gallery artists scheduled as well.

Luminaries scheduled to attend the festival are highlighted by an appearance from internationally Greek director Nickos Perakis and this iteration of the festival boasts a special tribute to women and topics revolving around their abuse in modern society. The schedule of short and full length feature films are distinguished by A Tree RemembersThe Waiter, Nia on Vacation, and Still River, among others. The choice of films for this year’s festival will appeal to a cross section of attendees. Some are focused on students and young audiences, others on older viewers, and even further winnow the focus on those with special interests like Jewish viewers and sports fans. Many cast members from these productions are scheduled for the aforementioned Q&A’s.

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There is an international competition program for short films included in the schedule as well – the judgment arrives before the festival begins and the winning film is screened during the six day event. The festival’s overarching ambitions are to provide attendees with an entertaining and educational overview of Greek culture and history. The planning for the 13th edition of this festival positions it to succeed and continue the storied tradition the festival has established in a little over a decade while setting the stage for years to come. Such cultural events are staples of the New York City cultural scene and the Greek Film Festival deserves mentioned in the same breath as any of them.

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