Where We Live (LP) from Born Days

Where We Live from Born Days via Rain Heart Records is a concoction of expressive vocals and enchanting, airy tones. Born Days, the moniker of Chicago’s Melissa Harris, nestles itself in the world of indie rock, electronic and pop. Where We Live is a six-track spectacle capturing an artist’s spellbinding momentum. Things are on the rise for this indie artist and her catchy sound.

Right from the start, the title track is a warm, soothing earworm. Harris’ higher pitch melodies are flush against the polka dot organ pattern. Eclectic, yes, but after a few listens, “Where We Live” feels more like a pop-driven track. It makes its way through the listener like a carousel; lap after lap it entrenches the words and the sustainable rhythm into the mind. It’s easy to escape into the melodies and Harris’ vocals.

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“Anywhere” and “2084” are the next two tracks and both continue the delicious music beds. Harris utilizes her high vocals to overcast her presence. In “Anywhere” the electric orchestration is exciting and switches gears and movement a bit more than the title track. Her voice feels more poignant in these two tracks, more confident.

“Glitch” has a longer intro, and Harris’ words and vocals run alongside in a brilliant way. She’s still hitting the high notes in “Glitch” and she’s still captivating, but the pulsating orchestrations take the cake on this tune. “Is This Reality” and “Physis” don’t detour from Harris’ core sound, and each have a unique stamp of bending waves, ethereal sounds and electronica. “Physis” is instrumental only and completes the album in a perfect way.

Harris’ lyrics are not overpowering – it feels more comforting to get lost in her melodies and the tracks’ intrusive wavelengths. This is incredibly freeing and not once does the listener feel bogged down by words. That’s not to say she’s not poetic, rather, she accomplishes the artistry by weaving together interesting sounds. Born Days capitalizes on the vibes and the auditory sensory glands. Colors, images and stories of the mind emerge extensively while listening to Where We Live. Perhaps the biggest draw to these songs are the elusive imagination that is not always found in electronica and indie rock. Born Days not only accomplishes this for listeners, it’s a treasured escape to a wall of soundwaves, beats, enchanting melodies and gushing movement. The songs get the brain and the imagination moving! The thrill of all of these tracks are the ways that Harris sends listeners down a path of emerging colors and fascinating, trickling sounds.

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Fans of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD), Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba and Cocteau Twins will dig Where We Live. It’s a fun dive into the world of drumbeats, synth and sensational melody. And, bravo to Harris for ending the work with a seamlessly fun instrumental (“Physis”). While “Physis” wasn’t my favorite track of the album, it certainly proved to be a close second. Besides the standout title track, listeners should give special props to “Glitch.” Overall, Born Days’ Where We Live  is a splendid listen and achieves high marks.

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