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Embracing country music from singers outside of North America is nothing new to country music fans. Afterall, Julio Iglesias recorded “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” with icon Willie Nelson in 1984, Olivia Newton-John hit big with “Let Me Be There” on the country charts in the 70s, Ronan Keating paved the way for Irish artists and of course, Keith Urban galvanized New Zealand and Australia with his 1999 breakout year. Add Germany’s Rob Georg to the list – his 15-track album Radio Cowboy is a modern take on traditional sounding lyrics and is another gem on the glitzy rhinestones flocking to Nashville.

Right out of the gate, Georg throws a twangy-ditty into the ring. His title track is a toe-tapping song about a singer taking the hard work ethic from the farm, to the stage and to passing around his song at radio stations. Oh to dream of those days and imagining the times where it was truly all about taking a 45” record “door-to-door”. The nostalgia factor is fun and strong.

The middle songs are all very strong, as well. “Carry The Wind” is almost hymnal like – the interesting part is the song is about a horse dying. Georg’s lyrics are powerful, captivating words: “The last time I saw him alive, was in the first rays of the morning light, breathin’ in the February air. I watched him break into a run, then every rodeo we ever won came flooding back, I grinned from ear to ear . A horse like that comes along once in a lifetime, when I lost him I lost myself in prayer, searched the bible 


I found a story, of horses carrying God’s glory, with the winds to every corner of the earth.” The key ingredient to this song’s success is the story-telling – Georg really engages the listener. His voice leaves remnants throughout the day – the stirring guitar strings meander throughout the song, but the lyrics are the star. Just a powerful song and Georg is a heck-of-a-songwriter.

In “Push That Horn” Georg continues his equestrian storytelling. The song is about his trainer and “push that horn” signifies the saddle horn. That’s the beauty of Radio Cowboy – unexpected stories and an unexpected journey from a European rancher/cowboy.

He even steps into the holidays with his “When I Make It Home For Christmas”, the song about a dedicated soldiers that protect freedoms. Georg worked alongside producer Kristin K. Smith and 2012 NACMAI songwriter of the year, Corey Lee Barker, to work alongside Georg. The resulting track is astonishing good – any time of year.

Country fans looking for songs about grilling’, drinking and partying will need to find something else for their musical playlists. Radio Cowboy from Rob Georg is sincere music. This album is about hard work and following your dream, crossing that line item from your bucket list. Georg makes it happen in this exciting album.

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