“Walk on Water” (single) by Tiny World

A rollicking percussive beat. Lush guitar melodies. An inviting harmony that forms somewhere in between. For Tiny World, playing by their own rules comes standard with the territory that is the recording studio, and in their new single “Walk on Water,” we get an idea just how committed they are to making music that no one else can. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that Tiny World are changing the independent rock universe with what they’ve produced in “Walk on Water;” in fact, I would say that they’re sticking to a pretty basic creative structure in the composing of this hit single from their self-titled debut album. In an age of minimalist pop ideals and anti-cathartic choruses most everywhere we look and listen these days, here we find a band – and a song – that look back at the history of spellbinding rock grooves in search of a relative kinship between today’s surreal verses and yesterday’s involved tones, textures, rhythms and rhymes. Tiny World find a space between adult contemporary throwbacks and majestic folk/rock futurism in “Walk on Water,” and it’s a space I think listeners should explore the next time they’re in the market for new tunes.

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There aren’t very many a/c singles currently on the charts that have as much of an instrumental thrust as “Walk on Water” does, but I wouldn’t say this song is exclusively driven by its sizeable sonic presence. There are subtle details inside of every component in the track – from the bass to the drums, guitar and back to the vocals, we encounter a pained ache in the music here that tells us so much more about the mood of the lyrics than the words on their own would ever be able to (no matter how talented the singer serenading us with the aforementioned verses may or may not be). The poetry isn’t quite as potent a force to be reckoned with as the instrumental wall of melodies is in “Walk on Water,” but had either of these elements been changed in any way, I’m not convinced that this single would be as captivating as it is in this present state.

Despite the vast smorgasbord of options you’ve got in the independent market this February, I don’t think you’re going to find a more elaborately postmodern and communicatively cerebral offering from an adult contemporary band as you will in Tiny World’s “Walk on Water” and the ten additional tracks that join it on the Tiny World LP. “Walk on Water” is a dreamy pop song that lives in two separate, distinct universes simultaneously, but although it’s rooted in crossover aesthetics that some would just as soon dismiss as being too impure for the serious audiophile to appreciate, I for one think it’s a fair amalgamation of stylistic loose ends that can satisfy one crowd just as well as it could another. That’s not usually the case with content in this genre, let alone amongst the output of underground bands in general, and it’s something that I think Tiny World deserve to be very proud of.

Nicole Killian

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