“I Wanna Know” is the new Single from Jenn DeSantis

“I Wanna Know” is the new single from Jenn DeSantis. A talented songwriter and State University of New York Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) graduate, DeSantis’ song is a thrilling pop rock outing. With several textures to flavor the music bed and DeSantis’ stirring vocals, “I Wanna Know” is a clear declaration that DeSantis is in it for the long haul. If you aren’t a fan of her after hearing her rousing vocals and infectious music bed, well, then you apparently don’t want to be in the know. “I Wanna Know” is a hit.

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I want it all, she sings, her voice the perfect combination of harmony and edgy tenor. She has the voice of a younger woman, but it’s laced in a way that she sounds very wise on life. I suppose if I had to compare her to a few artists, she would be in the same realm as Christina Perri, Brandi Carlile and maybe, just maybe Fiona Apple. I feel so alive with you, I feel so alive, how could I ever say goodbye, DeSantis sings in her gripping way. The modern music bed with what is assumed to be a drum machine, and the beats are arranged in way that feels very fresh and unadorned. She does a lot with very little, you could say when it comes to the music bedrock. I like the quirkiness of it, and the snappy rhythms. The yearning in her voice matches the tone and overall vibe of the song. The listener is whisked away in the magic of it all. She injects this natural energy that mixes with the drum base and it’s all smooth sailing from there on out.

I loved the way she wrote this song. It’s a pop rock song, and her voice is better than most pop artists you hear on the radio these days; the song’s foundation is just unique. As a lyricist, I felt like she gave the listener a birds eye view of her heart and emotions. She’s genuine and the way she crafts the song gives her an edge, I think, over other pop artists. As much as I adored the electricity and the energy in this song, I’d love to hear it being played with just a piano or accompany acoustic guitar. There’s something about her voice that lends itself to intimacy and captures a young woman’s devoted heart. I loved the lines I feel so alive with you, I feel so alive with you. That’s a special moment when you can find that person that makes you feel the same way she does with this other person.

DeSantis really conveys that heartwarming appeal in her voice. I seem to harp on and on in my reviews over the years about real artists and songwriters giving their listeners an idea of who they are just by their songs. I really felt close to DeSantis and the connection she has in her words and her delivery is extra special. She’s the epitome of an artist finding the words that so often fail us mere mortals.

Nicole Killian

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