Local Music Legend Paul Mark Releases Heartfelt Holiday Single

Paul Mark & The Van Dorens, “December In The P.O.” comes from the Gravity album, during the pandemic stricken year of 2020 while the album is still hot. The cool ending track of the album is perfect for a holiday single release, but it could just be a coincidence or Paul Mark and company have very clever timing. Music is all a reliving process once the artist is finished recording it and it is released, so if this single was actually planned to be released at this time from the outset, then it still doesn’t change any of his cleverness.

MORE ON PAUL MARK: https://music.paulmark.com/track/december-at-the-p-o-2

I am with the belief that “December At The P.O.” was planned for an end of the year single, and you can already watch a video of Paul Mark playing and singing it in the studio. This great song has a storyline and a deep meaningful lyric that pretty much carries the whole tune because of the title’s words being the whole thing. The piano playing of Paul Mark comes second, but not necessarily always in that order, it just happens to be the case with this song, otherwise his playing is also brilliantly displayed and should be duly noted.

One of the first things I noticed about Paul Mark is that he sounds so familiar I am surprised I hadn’t heard him before, which is the mark of any truly good artist I suppose, but it’s great to catch up with anyone you’ve been missing, so better late than never. The same goes for “December At The P.O.” as a song on the whole, it sounded like an old friend the first time I listened. If narration and piano are your thing, it’s a track you can appreciate whether in the holiday sense or not, which also speaks volumes for it.

Th story follows a post office worker and some situations surrounding the atmosphere during the winter and holidays, but I cannot be sure if it is a true story or not and it doesn’t matter because Paul Mark pulls out all the stops either way you slice this magnificent tune, which plays like an absolute classic. This is a song for the whole family, or the mature adult piano music fan, it goes over well no matter what but the theme does follow the seasonal factor so it makes sense to be a holiday release and it is an undeniably awesome one at that.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/December-at-the-P-O/dp/B086TYY3XL

After hearing “December At The P.O.” I admit to wanting to see Paul Mark perform the song, so that is when I gravitated over to the video and I am glad I did, because I like to watch artists play live music and this clip is all about the artist in a very focused yet relaxed live performance. It made me want to hear more of the music of this band and see more performances, which the first few spins did not manage to produce but it brought me back for several plays of this very profound song.

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