“The Movies” by Baseball Gregg

Capturing the moment, the special memory that seems to last forever is just one aspect to the January release “The Movies” from prolific pop duo, Baseball Gregg. with plans to release a new single each month in 2020 for its new album, Calendar, (via La Barberia Records (ITA), Z Tapes (SLO)). Baseball Gregg cruise to a homerun with a song that gives so much in such a short time. “The Movies” is an indie pop rock gem.

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The duo, comprised of Samuel Regan & Luca Lovisetto, enlist the services of vocalist Pecas and guitar work by William Corduroy on “The Movies”. Pecas, a Brooklyn, New York -based songstress is airy and this song suits her pop-flavored vocals quite well. When she sings “I think I’d maybe feel alright  / If I could just hang out all night/ With you / When we first met out in the streets/ That’s when my life first felt complete” she’s a bit bashful, but the listener feels so enchanted by her delivery. She’s soft and delicate. Her vulnerability enchants without being too gushy. Corduroy’s guitar work comes across as soft and delicate, too. He makes statements with the guitar, but the “dance’ that is created between the guitar, music bed and Pecas’ vocals is slow and hoppy. The synth and keyboard work in “The Movies” chirps along like a bird flying across the park.

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The guitar never feels like a distraction, but in a way, it is a bit overused. The guitar work is pretty and talented, for sure, yes. As a listener, I felt more into the groove of the beginning measures, and the bright synth tones. During the first 20 seconds, or so, the vibrant ‘da, da, da’ beeps are cute and reminiscent of an early 80s computer greeting. Pecas’ vocals, again, are just enthralling and perfectly edited. Her voice and the music bed rub together like peanut butter and jelly. This song is a showcase for her, as it as much a showcase for Baseball Gregg’s charming vibes and interesting avenues. They leave a bit of a room for interpretation, and this song has a solid structure, but “The Movies” relies heavily on the light, brightness of the story.

Baseball Gregg fans might recall that their band name is neither a reference to the sport or a specific member named ‘Gregg’ and truth-be-told, “The Movies” is on the surface might sound fabricated. That synth will get you each time, but Baseball Gregg manages to make it sound organic and fresh. It doesn’t sound overproduced. The duo captures in song a pureness and energy that is only felt on a summer’s sunset, a special look at one’s partner during a movie or a walk to the car after a first date. That innocence and resilience in believing in love is something to admire. Baseball Gregg champions these emotions in the hit “The Movies” out now. Mark your calendar to check back each month for Baseball Gregg’s Calendar, it’s worth the effort.

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