The Floyds feat. Altrina Renee release “One More Night”

“One More Night” is the new single from The Floyds and guest singer Altrina Renee. It’s also a product of the Writrz Block studio. James Floyd, aka Black Bill Gates, brings his talents to bear on this track along with his collaborators Speech and the aforementioned Altrina Renee. The Writrz Block studio offers three hours of free studio time to any artist of any genre to complete and record a track with the idea it can be released and become a hit. It throws down a creative gauntlet for many performers forcing them to rise to the occasion and use their time wisely. This kind of pressure often produces fantastic music and “One More Night” is stark evidence of the fact. There’s no feeling of this recording being rushed or glossed over. Floyd, Speech and Altrina Renee consistently hit their marks throughout the three-minute track and bring an inspired spirit to their performance listeners will find difficult to shake.

I confess I was not familiar with any of these performers going into this. Hip-hop typically doesn’t fall into my wheelhouse of interests and my idea of soul, perhaps shamefully, cuts off around the mid 1970’s. I am not closed off to new experiences however and seldom dismiss things out of hand, so I listened to this track with a wide open mind from the start. The vocalists lock onto an unmistakable groove. It doesn’t matter that there isn’t a single traditional instrument played during the song, everything sounds electronically generated, but nonetheless burns with unmistakable musicality. The arrangement provides the vocalists with a hot foundation they take full advantage of and they never disappoint.

The verses are great, but the real payoff comes when Renee’s voice enters the picture. She has an unmistakable gift and the production captures her voice in full soar, feeling every inch of the song, and inhabiting it like great vocalists do. I think they err somewhat by pairing her contributions with backing vocals, it should be her moment alone to take over, but this decision isn’t an enormous setback for the track. The production, overall, is superb as well. There’s never a second in this track when you can notice they are working under an artificially imposed deadline.

Another factor that, I believe, will aid the song in finding an audience is the subject matter. They aren’t trying to remake the lyrical wheel here and focus, instead, on the feeling many experience when young and embracing life. It’s an affirmative track, there’s no darkness at all in these words, and the upbeat tone of the track will prove enticing for many listeners. The talents involved never bite off anymore than they can chew, though you get the feeling hearing this track they are likely capable of so much more.

“One More Night” is a reminder of what great performers can accomplish when they leave their pretentions at the door and, instead, just aim for recording a great song. There’s no writer’s block at work with Floyd, Speech, and Altrina Renee. Their creativity is rolling at full steam and I promise you’ll enjoy the ride should you choose to tag along.

Nicole Killian

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