All Night Again (SINGLE/VIDEO) by Manny Cabo

Breathing incredible vitality into pop poetry like it’s second nature, Manny Cabo shines like a true diamond in the rough in his new single, the moving “All Night Again.” From the start of the track to its aching conclusion, there’s scarcely a moment in which Cabo doesn’t steal the lion’s share of our attentions with his incredible pipes, but make no mistake about it – his is hardly a one-dimensional brand of pop. “All Night Again” sees this artist elevating his prowess with a sensuous ballad that doesn’t borrow from other contemporary hits in its quest to captivate anyone within earshot of its harmonies. To put it quite simply, this is one tough song to put down once you’ve picked it up for the first time.



The piano’s role in “All Night Again” is a simple one – to cushion the provocative singing that occupies the center of the mix. This isn’t to say that the instrumentation is somehow on the creative backend compared to what Cabo is ding with his vocal, but more to acknowledge the black and white formula that he’s utilizing in this specific instance. He doesn’t have to bring in a lot of over the top theatrics behind him to make a statement with his melodies in this track; in all honesty, I like the fact that he’s steering clear of the bombast that a lot of his less than brilliant peers would just as soon stylize an entire LP around. Cabo has no time for nonsense here, and that’s evident to even the most novice of critics.

This single enjoys a strong production value that is complementary to the talent its star player is bringing to the table with him, but I think it’s worth pointing out that virtually none of the chill-factor in this song is sourced from its polish. Manny Cabo is giving up a very organic performance devoid of the synthetic faceting that frequently comes into the fold when constructing a track like “All Night Again,” and as sad as it is to admit, that makes this single quite a rare find nowadays. The magic here is all Cabo, and frankly I think that he should go out of his way to work with more stripped-down material like this in the future.

If this is just a preview of what Manny Cabo is planning on extending to his fans and critics around the world in the next couple of years, “All Night Again” won’t be the last track making headlines under his moniker. He’s come a long way in a very short amount of time, and for the skills that he’s boasting here, I don’t think there’s any question as to whether or not he was born for the medium he’s chosen. This is a great measurement of where he’s at right now professionally, and provided he’s able to build off of the momentum that “All Night Again” will inevitably yield, there’s a good chance that he’ll retain much of the mainstream spotlight he’s garnered in recent months.

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