The American Relics: The Temperature Is Hot

From the words of Buster Poindexter (AKA David Johansson frontman of The New York Dolls), Hot Hot Hot….Aside from the temperature, the song The Temperature is Hot…is HOT. 

The Temperature is Hot a new release from the super band The American Relics featuring leader John Gitano on guitar and vocals, as well as the brilliant writer and composer of the track. The song has been influenced by music of the past, reminiscent of an earlier time in an earlier style. It’s cool design is actually a new design that uses trends and characteristics of times gone by, only marks an updated version of generations brought back in a new creation. 

THE AMERICAN RELICS have the potential and charm to work with the music in any generation and the ability to bring about an attachment of fond memories. The reoccurrence of retro styles and designs in their music have seeped into the world around us. New products, even in fashion embrace old designs as well. The Temperature is Hot has come full circle. 

THE AMERICAN RELICS are composed of singer/songwriter and frontman John Gitano, opera singer and vocalist Adrienne Dugger, Nelson Montana, bass player and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Salant, drummer and sound engineer, Ian Zane, guitarist, and Joni Ernst on keys. All have been involved in the music industry for some time.

The Temperature Is Hot is available worldwide on all digital platforms. Along with the memories of the past, it is also a gateway to the future. Commercially friendly and addictively coherent the song radically changes the way we listen to music combing yesterday with today and getting away with it…… 

5/5 Stars


THE AMERICAN RELICS “The Temperature Is Hot”

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