Scott Celani Band adds another hit to their catalog

2019 was a pretty good year for the veterans of the American indie community, and among them, Scott Celani Band definitely added another hit to their catalog of gems with the release of their August single “Home,” a track which is getting a second wave of support this February. “Home” sees Celani retracing familiar framework with a slightly more rebellious attitude than he’s held in the past, and although the song is steeped in the classic alternative rock themes his previous releases have been, it feels distinctly more to the point, unfiltered and free from the external props his rivals would typically lean on when making new music.


There isn’t a lot of new stuff to be learned about this artist in listening to his most recent studio experimentations, but I don’t believe that was the goal with this single. If anything, I actually get the vibe that Scott Celani is intent on reestablishing several components of his sound as true trademarks of his own making – his melodic lyrical attack, the surreal trenches of the strings, even the ebb and flow of the music. He’s crafted an unreplaceable spot for himself and his band in the hierarchy of the underground, and if that wasn’t clear before, it certainly will be now.

The drums might have benefitted from a little more volume than they inevitably get in the chorus, but I can understand what Celani was going for in keeping them at a distance from his vocal track. In making the percussion a bit more muted at this juncture of the song, it allows for maximum spacing between the string parts (thus drawing our focus back to the harmony instead of the stadium-rocking beats exclusively). This is pop arrangement skills at their most tempered, and it’s a good example for young acts trying to figure out the basic template for sure.

This master mix is squeaky clean from top to bottom, but it’s worth saying that it isn’t even somewhat overproduced – the exact opposite, really. Scott Celani has always been fairly good about making sure all of the fat is trimmed from his melodies by the time they make it onto our stereos, but he’s really putting on a master course in efficiency with “Home” that might be even more memorable than the actual content of the song itself. There’s a lot more gas left in this band’s tank, and that much is more than obvious to even the most novice of pop connoisseurs listening to this single.


Scott Celani’s band has been in this business for years now, and with the momentum that they’ve got behind them entering 2020, I don’t think there’s any need to debate whether or not they’re showing zero signs of slowing down anytime soon. “Home” brings us full-circle to where this songwriter’s roots first spawned his career, but in the grander scheme of things, it’s only a gateway to yet another layer of a musical personality still unfolding before us in his seventh official release. We’re at a crossroads for pop right now, and Scott Celani Band is apparently right in the center of it.

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