Troy Underwood releases “How to Launch Your Side Hustle”

Anyone interested in embracing the entrepreneurial life would do well to dive into Troy Underwood’s brief but informative book How to Launch Your Side Hustle. The book provides a blueprint for anyone looking to develop new business ideas or bring a start-up to life without bogging the reader down with reams of useless verbiage and self-congratulatory musing about the author’s own professional success. Underwood lays out his credentials for why you should heed his advice, but never belabors them. He uses his own personal history of reaping massive financial rewards from revolutionizing the cataloging of vehicle titles as a way of illustrating how following a specific plan can lead to monumental professional success.


He sections the book into ten information packed chapters. They guide readers through a variety of topics he believes individuals must properly address to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions and his approach, while systematic, is far from impenetrable. Lean and direct writing distinguishes How to Launch Your Side Hustle overall and it is clear Underwood conceived and executed his ideas for this book with a focused vision for what he wanted to share with readers and how to accomplish it. His aforementioned systematic approach to examining issues relevant for starting a business extends to his construction oft the book itself – it moves in a straight line, eschews digression, and benefits from a solid framework.

It should be noted, as well, how Underwood makes his entrepreneurial vision seem like a possibility for anyone. Readers wavering about whether they possess the wherewithal to put their ideas and dreams into action will find the encouraging and conversational tone Underwood adopts throughout the text heartening. It is an inclusive work. He goes even further by supplying readers with examples, such as Charles Gooduear, illustrating the possible rewards of following your ambition. He poses such examples to the reader as potentially inspiring and, if they are not, they are at least interesting additions to the book.

The brief length of the work mentioned earlier in this might lead, on initial inspection, a reader to believe the contents are equally slight. This is not the case. Underwood deserves fulsome plaudits for his ability to condense a complicated subject into a breathtakingly small window without sacrificing important information readers might find useful. How to Launch Your Side Hustle is intended to be much more than a throwaway guidebook, Underwood intends from the outset for it to be much more comprehensive, and his ability to cram a lifetime’s worth of experience and knowledge within less than 150 pages is one of its finest accomplishments.


This is a book you can return to time and again over the course of pursuing your own ambitions. Underwood has a realistic point of view, he never promises any of this will be easy, but he likewise exudes confidence that determined and talented individuals can make it happen on each page. How to Launch Your Side Hustle is rife with the critical information budding entrepreneurs need to set off in bold and, hopefully, rewarding, directions. 

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