Project Grand Slam Releases Brand New Single

Project Grand Slam hasn’t slowed down any since their 2008 debut and the numerous albums since they first emerged rank among the best during that period. Bass player and bandleader Robert Miller pursued a clear vision since first setting out on this journey, but one of his greatest achievements has been surrounding himself with a cadre of musicians sharing that vision. It isn’t just anyone who can keep six disparate musicians on the same page and the band’s new single “All of the Time” is another example of their shared commitment to excellence.

It is one of the more straight-forward and simple single releases in the band’s history. It isn’t a lightweight number by any means, but Project Grand Slam foregoes its frequent reliance on brisk rhythms and energetic arrangements to give listeners a more measured offering. “All of the Time” is deceptively spartan with plenty of separation between the instruments nonetheless adding up to a greater whole.

Alex Blade Silver’s saxophone is far from omnipresent, but his playing deepens the melancholic mood hovering around the song. It has a generally upbeat gait but touches such as the aforementioned sax playing is an example of the song’s deceptive simplicity. Project Grand Slam’s compositions are always distinguished by the layers running through each song, but it does not announce itself with big climactic moments or isolated memorable turns. It builds from one passage to the next and the overall complementary effect of the songwriting.

It is a band in full command of their powers. The band’s original material sometimes paled in comparison to their vigorous covers but, as the albums have piled up, a growing sense of confidence has as well. A song’s success hinges on many things and one we seldom discuss is the faith listeners put in the performer. Project Grand Slam sounds like they know what they are doing from the beginning, and we are inspired to continue listening.

Most will believe it is well worth the ride. Some may say the song is a bit predictable, but the melodies have several surprises, nothing bold, and you will not think it recalls another song you’ve heard. Castillo is an especially gifted singer, and the vocal melody doesn’t present her with anything she can’t handle. You can easily imagine her singing every line with a smile on her face.

They have come roaring back from the pandemic as if nothing ever happened. The band’s last release, The Shakespeare Concert, illustrated their continued willingness to try anything that promises a new creative triumph. This new single “All of the Time: shows they are traveling the same roads as ever and committed to exploring every inch. Restless creativity is one of the hallmarks of their appeal, but restlessness only goes so far. They sound as sure of who they are as ever. It comes through in every second of “All of the Time”. Project Grand Slam are “lifers”, and this new single shows their zeal for writing and recording new music remains strong. 

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