Exclusive Interview qith Elektra Yao

Hi Elektra! Great to have you here! 

What makes you feel most empowered? 

Knowledge and experimenting empower me. 

What makes you most proud to be a New Yorker? 

Being from NY has taught me to be a quick and innovative thinker. I am proud to be from a city that pushes its inhabitants to be the best they can be. 

How do you balance your work and home life? 

With a simple rule. No phone at the dinner table. 

What is the best career move you have ever made? 

To begin working for myself. 

What is your mission as a lawyer? 

To empower artists. 

How do our readers stay connected with what you are up to every day? 

Instagram: yaolawgroup 

Tik Tok (duet me! 🙂 yaolawgroup

Thank you for your time! 

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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