Exclusive Interviw with Viviane Bonfim

Hi Viviane! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Tell me a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Viviane Bonfim . Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am an IB (International Baccalaureate ) International Teacher and I have taught at International schools in Brazil, Portugal, and the United States. Traveling and learning about new cultures are passions of mine. I have been to twenty countries and I must say that New York is my favorite place in the world. 

What inspired you to start teaching?

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I can remember. As a child, whenever asked ” what I wanted to be when I grew up “, I would always say: ” I want to be a teacher “.   Growing up, I was inspired by amazing educators I came across and they taught me a lot. Having great role models in school made me want to be a teacher and be passionate about this profession. 

You taught in NYC during the pandemic, correct?

Yes, I taught throughout this pandemic and it was the most challenging year of my career.

What were some of the main struggles you had to face and overcome with switching to online schooling?

 We had to recreate a classroom and basically adapt or even write a new curriculum for a new reality no one had ever signed up to. We also had to deal with some disparities related to technology and different realities and routines in each family. Long hours behind a screen and work and personal life became one.  Keeping the students motivated was also a struggle. Also, in the classroom, we, as teachers, can monitor students and adjust the pace to accommodate their needs. During remote teaching, it was more difficult to do so. Parents also had to play a very important role in this. 

Were there any positives or silver linings that you feel came out of the situation?

I would say that teaching during the pandemic imposed a lot of trial and error and required a lot more from the teachers in terms of curriculum knowledge and lesson planning. I think I am way more flexible now as a teacher, more patient and empathetic to my students’ backgrounds and different routines at home. 

What advice do you have for teachers who are still teaching online?

Self-care. Working from home makes us work longer hours and we tend to forget about ourselves and our own needs and family. Resting is necessary ! 

Do you have anything you are currently working on outside of teaching/school?

I am finishing my second masters’ degree in Leadership and I recently got my Special Educator certification in New York. 

Amazing! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Thank you!

End of Interview

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