“Clover And A Leprechaun” by Vic Diggie

“Clover And A Leprechaun” is an unlikely title for the new single, by Vic Diggie. The title is unlikely in the sense, that the song’s content doesn’t necessarily allude to Irish lore and/or superstition. But the great thing about music and art, are that conventional constructs are subject to inversion. Vic Diggie is an artist that can be described, using any number of adjectives. The NY based Rapper, has exploded onto the scene with an irreverent and deeply personal approach to his art.

We know very little about Diggie’s early life, as upon a deeper dive, there seems to be a scantly amount that has been documented. We do know that he is signed to Brittano Music, a label that is based out of NY, naturally. With his raspy and masculine vocal style, Diggie is somewhat of a ringer for the late DMX. It’s a favorable, but noticeable comparison, that doesn’t seem at all intentional. Also, it’s likely that Diggie’s content will be more memorable than any parallels to other Rappers.

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“Clover And A Leprechaun” is summarized as being a final love letter for a history of unresolved relationships. The thing is, is that these letters are intensely personal and intimate, and should probably only be divulged to those directly involved. Yet, Vic Diggie is releasing the raw material for anyone who wants to listen. He describes with remarkable candor and uncomfortable detail, what transpired in these relationships, and his subsequent feelings about that. The track is vulgar and unflinchingly honest in a way that is likely to shock or repel in some cases.

Back to the basics/that’s how I lace this. There really isn’t much to critique in the way of production on this track. It’s got all of the effects and backing vocals that serves this genre. Something a little more pronounced and enunciated on Diggie’s part, might help, but his vocal style is so engaging and rare, that it hardly matters what he is saying at times. Still, I found myself constantly increasing the volume in order to make out some of the lyrics.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/clover-and-a-leprechaun-single/1544212771

It’s impossible to know just how new, Diggie is to the game. As aforementioned there is next to nothing in the form of bio on him, which is simultaneously positive and negative. What we do know is that Diggie himself, is a natural. He has a style and a tonality that makes him a can’t miss prospect, once his development is furthered and he expands the range of his content and inspiration. As for now, Vic Diggie has established himself as something of a maverick, through his uncensored and unadulterated approach to his art, and his intense demeanor. Where there is void, there is opportunity, and Vic Diggie may just be the one to step up and assume the mantle.

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