“Facetime” by J’Maurice

Dallas based Rapper/R&B artist, J’Maurice, recently dropped the high energy and ultra-modern, “Facetime.” The song is about exactly what you think it is, with some highly descriptive scenarios, to fill out the remaining space. “Facetime” is a piece that writes itself in many ways, but J’Maurice takes credit for being the vessel it was channeled through. It’s a fun and suggestive song, that starts at 100 and never relents. J’Maurice uses guest vocalists to offer a standard, but effective Hip Hop experience.

J’Maurice describes his upbringing as “turbulent,” and takes responsibility for his own misbehavior as a major catalyst for that. Like many others, it wasn’t until he discovered music, that he found any kind of purpose in life. Shifting between Texas, and other regional areas, and relatives, J’Maurice would eventually settle in Dallas. He then began to take his music career, more seriously, and isn’t coy, when it comes to proclaiming his lofty aspirations.

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“Facetime,” clocks in at around three minutes and ten seconds, but feels much longer, in a good way. Even with so much going on, and decidedly up tempo, the track is able to pull you in, from the very start. Such a ubiquitous, but desultory topic, could have easily become comedic fare, but J plays it rather straightforward, if not lighthearted. That’s not to say that J’Maurice’s primary objective isn’t, fun, because it is, without question. Inevitably, the song devolves into racy and explicit lyrics that ultimately have something of a polarizing effect.

There would have been multiple directions to go with a song topic such as facetiming. Literally, almost everyone in the modern world, knows what it is to facetime. J’Maurice could have gone with a more general audience friendly approach, and had a potentially novel hit, on his hands. Instead, the rapper opts for a more R Rated version, most likely to satisfy his existing audience. It’s a debatable point, but what we get, is a solid track, that might be alienating for some.

The production on “Facetime” is top notch. It sounds and feels like a professionally recorded track, with no discernible discrepancies, or post mastering mistakes. The energy of the piece, jumps out of the speakers, and you can safely assume it elicits exactly the response, it’s intended to. “Facetime,” is radio ready, but would most likely have to be heavily edited, due to the content, if not an entirely sanitized version. Fortunately, an edited version of “Facetime,” would do little to obstruct its appeal.

By his own description, J’Maurice has taken a winding path to his current destination. It’s through his story, that we are reminded of the importance of having direction in life. It would have been easy for J’Maurice to take an entirely different road, as many in his position, have. Instead, he chose a life of creativity and autonomy, over that of disillusionment and a cycle of destruction. As a result, J’Maurice has given himself a chance to realize his biggest dreams.

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