“Drippin & Drownin” by Conceptz

With a mix of old and new, Conceptz might truly be the concept of the future of hip-hop with their newest single “Drippin & Drownin”. In a lot of ways, it feels like a combination of so many things but each feels so organic and unique. Short Fuze’s beats are reminiscent of early Dre but imbued with the more deliberately sloppy but sleek additions that we hear with a lot of trap beats and stuff from the always rising Atlanta scene.

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Speaking off, frontman and rapper HighRowGlyphFix genuinely and I say this with little exaggeration, feels like in many ways a spiritual successor to Andre 3000. There’s something magnetic about his voice and the personality that emanates from it and while their voices might be different, it’s that magical controlled but frantic delivery that puts him toe to toe with the greats. If you want a better idea, listen to the acapella release and as it stretches to the middle in between bridges, you forget about the beat that accompanies it in the regular version, and it’s almost like it becomes a new song.

Flexible in that it can be paired with countless beats, but it’s better because it’s with Fuze who knows how to build upon his brothers’ breathless go for broke performance. I truly hope when live music returns that I’ll be able to see the duo live because just in this prerecorded single there’s so much vivid life in it I’m just dying to see how it’s brought to life on a stage.

The duo says that their goal is to “leave an imprint in the industry and create real timeless music that will live on forever” and they’re certainly close to meeting such a lofty goal. A song like this has legs for the clear reasons of it being a song meant to get you ready for a night out, or the kind of song you hear on a said night out, and it does leave a little to be desired sometimes in terms of more complex content in the verses, even though the way they spin some incredible yarn out of a tried and true formula is nothing less of impressive in an age where you can find tons of songs that grapple with the ideas and tones Conceptz is going for.

They said they’re planning on evolving further with plans to expand their thematic sounds and create more powerful visuals and I for one can’t wait to see what they’ve got coming. With hits previously seen on BET, MTV, the NFL, and NBA it’s no wonder why these guys are aiming higher and higher as they get more and more recognized for their hard work. Despite making a song about bragging, the pair come across as the unassuming type, a far cry from the usual over-the-top persona’s that often outshine their music. The brothers don’t operate as such and their music does the talking and what it has to say is nothing short of spectacular. The drip on this one is powerful.

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