Vineet – “Jab the World” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

I am sure there are, at least, a few people who will notice the title for Indian singer Vineet’s latest single “Jab the World” and emit a soft groan. I understand their point of view. Topical songwriting invariably ties itself to a specific moment in time and, once that moment has passed, sounds like a sonic relic, an aural history lesson lacking the same relevance and immediacy for future listeners.

Some singers and songwriters are cannier. A moment in history can inspire them to envision works of a larger thematic scale. Vineet’s “Jab the World” is such a work. Rather than hemming himself in with a musical and lyrical take on the pandemic and its accompanying death and disarray, Vineet dreams of a day when doctors and researchers can give everyone a shot that dispels their hate and petty grievances.

One might expect him to surround that sort of message with acoustic guitars and understated overall musicality. Vineet, instead, builds “Jab the World” around commanding drums and polished yet synthesized guitar work. An assortment of rock guitar fans may grit their teeth hearing the instrumental sound Vineet embraces for this cut, a more natural approach would have exerted wider appeal, but it is nonetheless suited for Vineet’s aims.

His vocals are robust. There’s no question Vineet has the required pipes to turn in a credible rock performance. He attacks the lyrics in a confident manner, but there’s enough restraint in his approach to balance the forcefulness of his voice. The commitment to the subject matter is audible throughout the entire track. Top notch production values frame his performance in the best possible way.

It benefits from excellent construction. The sleek transitions from verses into chorus and other moments are indicative of his songwriting prowess and peaks at all the right moments. Vineet isn’t some grizzled veteran despite his growing discography, so what we’re hearing during “Jab the World” is natural talent shining through. The song gets under his skin from the outset and he has a skill for conveying his message with equal parts urgency and finesse.

The song’s accompanying video is dizzying but effective. The same polish heard from the song is present in the video as well; this never smacks of an indie production but, instead, a thoroughly professional and keen-eyed approach to the clip. There’s a plethora of jump cuts  throughout the clip, a mainstay of the form, and its frequency gives the video its aforementioned dizzying qualities.

Vineet has written and recorded a potential breakthrough single. Its timeless message, the recognizable and air-tight structure, and his vocal talents come together with immense style and passion. “Jab the World” eludes any hint of heavy-handedness and, instead, comes across as work from an experienced and gifted performer capable of condensing substantive statements down to what is essential and nothing more. You’ll be hard pressed to identify any fat on this track. Vineet’s “Jab the World” will reaffirm his talents for existing fans and garner him more attention than ever before. 

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