Alan Weiss releases Fearless Leadership

Fearless Leadership: Overcoming Reticence, Procrastination, and the Voices of Doubt Inside Your Head, by Alan Weiss, Phd, reminds you that it is “time to realize there is no monster under the bed, never has been, never will be, without having to check nightly and without needing a weapon on the night table.” And that’s just an early-on clue into what magnitude of insight there is to be found in his latest book, of which many he has authored. It’s a balance between reviewing the finer aspect of the author and his latest book, because they’re divided by equal parts worth exploring and revealing.

In order to conquer fears, you must first know what they are and how to face them before putting together any ways to do it. Alan Weiss is a foremost expert on the subject, and you will not find a better source on fearless leadership than this proven author’s work. He helps smooth out the rough edges to better spot fears and cope with how to lead fearlessly. This can apply to everyone from people in business, and entrepreneurs to musicians, athletes and other professionals who’s work surroundings are vastly leadership driven. But on the same token, anyone can use this practical advice on-a daily basis.

Alan Weiss is not just a consultant, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one out there, especially if your eyes are generally closed on this subject matter. Those not up on the subject but want to be, have the most to take away from reading this excellent book, because it wakes you up and leaves you with better confidence. And once you’re organizing your solutions to fears, you’re able to perform better and give more advice as well. It’s a book that so many can use for that purpose and more, so Weiss should be widely thanked.  


Some of the revelations about your fears have yet to come across the mind, but Fearless Leadership prepares you for them and gives you the tools to sharpen your leadership skills to a fearless degree. If that doesn’t say enough about the values in this book, reading it multiple times will prove it. If you’re following and not leading, you can also work on ways to meet in the middle on your way to leadership positions. Weiss covers a variety of ways to interact and come out better from it, especially if that is how you measure any fears.

You get actual case studies here that help exemplify what not to say or do in critical situations and tips on how to maintain good leadership practices by mentioning experiences that can poorly influence minds and hold them back from their biggest dreams and goals. It’s a fear- based world sometimes but there are many ways to put them out of your mind and carry on leading to the best of your ability. Fearless Leadership helps with the hurdles and gets across the finish line where so many feel they can never cross, so they don’t even try and that keeps fear where fear dwells.

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