Natasha Wallace releases The Conscious Effect

The Conscious Effect helps with more ways than not, as it claims 50 ways for better Organisational Wellbeing. You get a lot more than 50 at the end of the day. Natasha Wallace went the entire distance thus far on the subject by gathering it all in one place. Imagine struggling with all these quirks and feeling like you’re in a trapped environment, this is your way out of that rut, so to speak. It gives you your own ‘Oxygen Mask’ for betterment of all around you, as the space you’re working in is detrimental to your health in so many ways.

This book shows you that Feedback is a Normal Everyday Act in lesson 36, which isn’t everything it seems, because attitude is key to conducting the best workflow atmosphere. The 50 ways takes you in depth to keep you on your toes about how to lead with kindness and be less critical and more helpful to your co-workers and yourself by keeping you reminded. This isn’t for the novice, but the novice can still take away so much they never knew before, that it’s a must read for anyone taking the slightest interest in Organisational Wellbeing.

For that alone, this book is enormously resourceful and vastly educational, and Natasha Wallace makes it an all the more satisfying by how she delivered the content. The material is second to none in coaching and teaching the masses and the specially interested, for career purpose readers. I find that to be most valued in education and training books, and this one nails it, in fact there is so much you can go back to it time and again because there is so much to learn unless you already know everything, and that’s impossible. It rates high for that and a mountain’s more worth.


You will also learn about how, not just that: ‘Effective Leaders have a Growth Mindset’ in Lesson #34. And that can even make someone who knows the ropes of it already, stand up and pay attention to how it is worded and might be less selfish than it appears. There’s a lot of mystery to great Leadership and it’s important to be transparent about it but also take charge without misunderstanding what it means to be in charge versus being in charge. I was able to get that without it even being explained and it reminded me of many past situations.

Moving with a sense of urgency is a catch 22 in its own way, because you still have to stay grounded and aware of everyone around you, which is no different than putting ‘safety first’ in the workplace and also lends much to that. You learn a lot of these things on the way up the latter but also tend to forget some of them because you concentrate a lot more on what you’re paid to know and do. If you’re interested in Leadership and how it properly works, this book has an amazing amount of the best workplace guidelines for what is not as easy for some people as it is for others.

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