Ava Della Pietra Releases “rearview mirror”

Precociousness characterizes Ava Della Pietra’s musical journey. There’s no other word fit for describing a talent capable of delivering professional caliber performances in major theatrical productions before celebrating their tenth birthday. Her debut EP truth or truth opened a new chapter in the New York City-born singer’s career. She’s since enjoyed success and critical praise for a string of singles, and her latest “rearview mirror” will likely enjoy the same bonanza. It is an artful and assertive performance from a seasoned artist who grows exponentially with each new release. Her professional acumen continues building thanks to moments such as this, touring, and singing in topflight venues such as NYC’s The Bitter End, Sofar Sounds in Boston, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles’ Hotel Ziggy.

The video for “rearview mirror” puts a well-deserved spotlight on what concertgoers see. She has an effortless connection with the camera, and it isn’t difficult to imagine her physical embodiment of the single for the clip seamlessly translating over to live performance. The video’s visual narrative and the song’s lyrical subject matter dovetail into one another rather than uncomfortably jarring.

The song certainly succeeds divorced from its visual accompaniment. Della Pietra adopts a spartan design for the track. Percussion and bass are the primary musical instruments driving “rearview mirror” forward, but the focus is her vocals. Her singing never obscures the musical backing. However, it is apparent why we’re tuning in from the first. “rearview mirror” introduces Della Pietra’s voice fast and she is omnipresent throughout the bulk of the song. It’s never an abrasive or overwrought presence.

Instead, she captivates us and holds our attention. Her lively attitude sharpens the already attitude-fueled lyrical content. One of the strongest qualities of “rearview mirror” is the sheer amount of personality that Della Pietra brings to the single. It never risks overkill. Attentive listeners will note that Della Pietra sounds inspired and has a lot of fun. The fun she’s clearly having never minimizes the emotional investment she’s making in the tune, but the light catty touch present in her phrasing makes “rearview mirror” an even more enjoyable listening experience.

The single never overreaches. Ava Della Pietra possesses many fine attributes as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. However, one of the best is her instinct for a song’s needs and never stepping beyond that. There’s ample evidence for that scattered throughout “rearview mirror”. It rates among her most memorable singles yet and goes a long way toward solidifying her position as a pre-eminent performing talent in an increasingly crowded landscape. She has the gifts, working ethic, and staying power to expand on that position and hold it for many years. Let’s hope we hear more from her soon. She’s set to make a bigger and bigger impact over the coming years.

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