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Indie hip-hop is having quite an explosively youthful year at the moment, and if you’ve been keeping an eye on some of its biggest and brightest young voices, you’ve no doubt familiarized yourself with the music of one B Fhukken Have, whose songs “Resurection Paradise (Beef Music Mix),” “Windy City,” “XIXXCI” and “Beef Stew” have been burning it up on streaming sites for a minute now. In his latest single, “Babyfood,” B Fhukken Have keeps the adrenaline pumping with a beat reminiscent of Wu-Tang Clan and harmonies transcendent of limitations that most of his closest rivals are forced to adhere to (for one reason or another), and while I don’t think that it reps some sort of creative ceiling for his camp, it’s easily one of his strongest releases so far.

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There’s nothing forced about the execution in “Babyfood;” much like the fluidity that we hear in “Windy City,” there’s never any instrumental elements powerful enough to disrupt the even-keeled delivery of lyrics. “XIXXCI” is somewhat staggered by comparison, employing more tension on the backend than it ever does the vocal, but just like the two aforementioned songs, it doesn’t contain anything that feels particularly thrown together or inauthentic in spirit. B Fhukken Have is a man committed to his music, and if he had any doubters before now, all they need to do is explore any one of these five total cuts to get schooled in the doctrine that this guy is preaching with so much passion from verse to verse.

You can tell that B Fhukken Have has been in love with music for a long time mostly because of his close attention to even the smallest of details in songs like “Beef Stew.” Similarly to some of Twista’s most overlooked classics, “Beef Stew” rides a rigid groove into the sunset whilst letting its lead vocalist wrap us in enigmatic lyricism only to make everything poetically plain and simple in the chorus. This artist is speaking to us through more than just a microphone in a track like “Resurection Paradise (Beef Music Mix);” it’s not enough for him to put his thoughts into his words – he’s got to hammer as much emotion into these beats as he can from within the studio environment, and by balancing the spotlight between himself and the synthesized parts of any given song, he brings about a tidal wave of tonality and rich tempo that are very refreshing to hear this month.

Among all of the indie stars emerging from the woodwork right now, I have to say that B Fhukken Have is sitting in the top tier of the rap community with the release of “Babyfood” alongside his first four songs, all of which qualify as smoldering sleeper hits just waiting to find an audience on alternative hip-hop radio this autumn. He’s got fierce competition coming out of the southeast and a growing Midwestern rap scene that is unlike any of its predecessors, but if I were to forecast his future just by listening to these five tracks alone, I would still say that he’s got plenty of fame and fortune to look forward to in the next decade.

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