Thank you for taking this interview with us! Where do you want to take your career in the next year? 

Thank you for having us! In the next year of our career we want to be touring full time and releasing new music seasonally

How will your new work differ from your previous catalogue?  

Our new work focuses more on texture and dynamics. We have delved into a more mellow, soulful vibe that we have been referring to as “soul hop.” It combines elements of electronic, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and reggae. We’re also releasing some bangers that are straight rock n roll and grungy as well as some electronic tunes that will melt faces!  

Who makes you work harder on a day to day basis?  

We all work our asses off to keep our dream alive and we all have full time jobs. Sometimes it feels like we’re burning the candle at both ends which makes it more challenging to stay on it day to day. We all motivate each other to work harder and we hold each other accountable. We like to strive for attainable goals that keep us on our toes, but we don’t beat ourselves up too hard if those goals aren’t met from time to time. Above everything else our dedication and belief in ourselves is the driving force that keeps us going.  

What are challenges you are looking forward to overcoming in this new year?  

We look forward to having more time to dedicate to the project. We have been seeking a band house in L.A for years now, but have not had success landing one. One we all live together that will give us more time and freedom to create and continue to birth new ideas as to how we can bloom our fire and expand the project. We have been considering moving out of the city to be closer to nature since we are a voice for nature after all! We hope to continue to gain more support and inspire the yearning hearts seeking our message.  

Can you tell us the growth you’ve noticed within yourself that translated to your art? 

Absolutely! We have all matured as people exponentially through the years of playing together which has allowed us to communicate better with one another. Communication is so important and most of the conflict we face in the band arises from miscommunication. The communication isn’t just verbal, we feed off each other’s energy and body language. As we have grown over the years and all worked on ourselves, we have all learned how to be more patient with ourselves and each other which really shows in the texture and dynamics of our art. In addition, we are learning how to grow the project from all different avenues outside the music as well including an evolution of how we can best promote our message and music to the world.  

Where can everyone go to follow you and your work?   

We’re regularly on all socials and streaming platforms so you can always find us there but the best way to stay in touch is our very personal email list! Here is a portal link to everything Blooming Fire:


Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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