Tash Hagz Releases “The Ballad Of Sanaleig

British Singer/Songwriter, Tash Hagz, has taken his love for The Beatles, and late 60’s psychedelia, and crafted an impressive new single. “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” is like a competently written screenplay, with a gonzo twist. Though, Tash Hagz does have a body of work that precedes his latest release, it’s best to experience “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh,” with an open mind. Tash has a unique perspective, and that is well represented on this track. By the end of it, you will either think he is a genius or a savant, or simply riding the fine line, between the two.

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Tash Hagz likes to remind you to not take him too seriously. His Facebook bio, has descriptive terms, such as lucid dreamer, and pet and alcohol lover. He’s also keen to point out that he’s a part time musician. He’s not defiant enough, to frame as irreverent, so ironic is probably a more befitting label. Regardless, for only being part-time, Tash seems to take great pride in the artistic quality of his work.

You say I can’t help you/but I’m willing to try/those fears from your conscience/why the tears from your eyes. Tash is symbolic, literary, and poetic on this track, though not always comprehensible. Of course, he’s playing by the rules of his genre, after all. From the onset of “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh,” you will get a prog-rock, ELP vibe. There’s a decidedly surreal aspect to the song, and Tash channels that spirit, quite effectively, if not a bit derivatively.

Truth be told, “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” is engaging, from start to finish. It’s a piece of music, that much like a great film or novel, takes you on  an adventurous excursion. The production is solid, and slick, as Tash masterfully captures his own true essence. There was a large margin for error on this one, as it attempts to blend so many ideas and styles. Therefore, Tash must be applauded for achieving something so broad and yet so specific, with “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh.”

One of the most outstanding aspects of this single is that its hook, is not its most memorable quality. I won’t spoil it, here, but let’s just say that Tash Hagz has a major ace to play, and play it he does. There is nary a songwriter alive, that won’t graciously extend their respect to Tash Hagz, after hearing “The Battle Of Sanaleigh.” It’s the kind of song that can define a career, and isochronously, be a revelation. It’s the kind of song that makes you excited for an artist’s next move.

In summation, Tash Hagz has seemingly accomplished, exactly what he set out to, with this track. It’s Prog, it’s  Psychedelic, it’s 60’s, it’s Tash Hagz. While he seems to downplay his artistic ambition, a song like this is not written by a novice. He’s essentially a well kept secret, but in his case, he’s actively concealing himself. We can all hope that one day, Tash decides to come to work, full time.

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