Vineet’s new single “Wtf! Where’s the Fun?”

Vineet’s new single “Wtf! Where’s the Fun?” is a bit deceptive. There’s no arguing it is a wildly entertaining and boisterous funk song with one of his best vocals yet. It’s clear the Indian born songwriter/performer wants listeners to get up and move when hearing this song. Careful listening, however, to the message behind this romping musical number reveals other motives. It is never heavy-handed or strident.


Vineet’s songs always engage the world in some way, they’re never mindless collections of words intent to invoke sound rather than meaning. “Wtf! Where’s the Fun?” wants the world to never forget that, no matter what faces us in our everyday lives, disconnecting from joy is a perilous development. His ability to deliver relevant and contemporary messages in his songs is a significant part of Vineet’s gift.

There’s a potent mix of musical elements making this a great cut. Vineet understands what contributes to an enjoyable modern funk track but some listeners may rue lost opportunities. Many will long for a saucy horn section further filling out the arrangement or perhaps instruments like a Synclavier, but others will find the track outstanding as is. Vineet predictably focuses on the bass but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It takes a brief solo during the song’s second half. The production spotlights the muscular playing here and elsewhere without over-exaggeration. It has effective strands of guitar woven throughout the song, putting added spring in the song’s step, and the percussion powers the performance with its persistent beat. The bulk of “Wtf! Where’s the Fun?” relies on keyboards and they defy expectations as their warm colors carry the recording rather than neutering its liveliness.

Another part of Vineet’s skill is his affinity for marrying his songs to fitting visual imagery. His video for the song is a fun and straight-forward riff on clips from Marvel superhero movies edited for Vineet;s uses. He had a great deal of fun with this, you can tell, and it has an infectious effect on viewers. It is a throwaway compared to the song itself, but nonetheless great fun. It is sincere and conforms with his approach in earlier songs without ever risking repetition. Vineet’s unbridled enthusiasm is its crowning touch.

I can say with near certainty Vineet’s new single will score chart success. He has an impressive track record already and his creative momentum has built in the last two years without ever lapsing into self-indulgence. His clarity and sense of purpose is audible from the beginning, but never oppressive, and it’s fun hearing the happiness Vineet enjoys making music for the masses. “Wtf? Where’s the Fun?” has enormous appeal for the global market and blends intelligence with pure pop-minded playfulness. Vineet’s new single will prove to be winner fare for radio, terrestrial and otherwise, as well as a crowd-pleasing live song. Let’s hope he gets a chance to bring it to the widest possible audience as all of us, even the most cynical, can benefit from hearing its message. 

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