Wendy M. KOK Guests On “If These Walls Could Talk” With Hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss 9/15/21 2PM ET

Who else but hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss could “spill the tea”  on their weekly show “If These Walls Could Talk” live from Pangea Restaurant on the Lower Eastside of NYC, with their unique style of honest, and emotional interviews, sharing the fascinating backstory of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, writers and artists and bringing their audience along for a fantastic  ride.   

Wendy M. Kok will be a featured guest on “If These Walls Could Talk” with hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss on Wednesday, September 15th , 2021 at 2 PM ET live from the infamous Pangea Restaurant. 

Wendy Stuart is an author, celebrity interviewer, model, filmmaker and hosts “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy,” a popular Youtube comedic cooking show born in the era of Covid-19, and TriVersity Talk, a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. 

Tym Moss is a popular NYC singer, actor, and radio/tv host who recently starred in the hit indie film “JUNK” to critical acclaim. 

Wendy M. Kok was raised in a small, resort town in Northern WI. Her parents owned and entertained a summer resort for over twenty years. It was there she learned to fish, appreciate wildlife, and forge friendships over the years with people that would come stay year after year. This upbringing was the inspiration for her debut novel, ‘A Grey Resort’ which was launched July 39th, 2019 to critical acclaim. 

Wendy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University. 

2020 American Fiction Award- Awarded best book in the Romance/Paranormal Category for the book- ‘A Grey Resort’. 

Wendy is a cohost of the successful podcast~ A Juicy Pear Podcast with Shawn & Wendy 🍐 This was something she started last year during the height of the pandemic, and wanted to create something uplifting and fun. They enjoy talking to people that have overcome obstacles, as well as all kinds of creative types from all different backgrounds. They strive to educate as well as find some joy during these hard times. 

2021- August – Wendy is part of a book anthology entitled: Thriving Beyond Crises: Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs. 

This newly released book has already made #1 Best Seller status in several categories on Amazon. This book features authors from all around the world that share their individual inspirational stories. 

Wendy has two sets of twins, and currently, all are in high school! She enjoys spending time with family and friends, looking for Petoskey stones in the summertime, and getting ideas for her next novel. 

When not interviewing her next guest for her podcast, she enjoys trail running.  She often finds inspiration in nature, and always keeps a notebook in her car, in case she gets flashes of inspiration. ✨

Stay tuned for Wendy’s next book in the series, coming out later this fall. 🎉📚

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