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A vocal as soft as silk yet as rich with unyielding vitality. A percussive pulsation that seems to mimic the emotion of its melodic counterparts through textured beats, each one more evocative than the last. A menacing bassline, prepared to both entice and dismiss anyone who comes within earshot of its exceptionally toned emissions. A synthetic harmony, tying all of the aforementioned components together in a singular thread of sonic ribbonry, the likes of which aren’t as easily found on your FM dial as they used to be. In the appropriately-titled “The Coronavirus” from R&B/soul crooner and songwriter Darrell Kelley, this up and coming indie powerhouse blends minimalistic concepts with a cerebral melodicism that few others have dared to experiment with in recent years, and while this isn’t the first song he’s released to accolades from both listeners and professional critics alike, I think it’s potentially the most polished piece of material he’s stuck his name on since first hitting the scene. Kelley makes R&B for grownups, and “The Coronavirus” is definitely one of his tightest demonstrations of sheer strength to date.

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Beyond the instrumental fireworks found within the roughly three minutes that this track occupies our speakers for, the Kelley’s own vocal is the centerpiece in this song from the get-go, binding together the bassline and the drumbeat in a way that no other element could have. The words he sings here aren’t necessarily as important as the tone in which he’s singing them to us is, and while the beat behind him is a bit pendulous, I think it was important for there to be a touch of unevenness to the cadence of his verses and that of the drums in order for listeners to fully-appreciate the tension created by their experimental harmony. I’d actually be really curious to hear a club-oriented remix of “The Coronavirus” at some point in the future, if for no other reason than to see just how many miles Kelley could potentially get out of the super flexible compositional design he employed here. He sets a fine example for his younger contemporaries in his stylized approach, which, even on its own, is definitely worth some legit praise.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-792034936/the-coronavirus

If what I’m hearing in “The Coronavirus” is on par with what we can all expect to get out of future releases bearing the Darrell Kelley moniker, then I would suspect that this won’t be the last time that you see his name – and his music – making headlines in the American underground. Kelley has a lot going for him as a singer – he’s got tremendous chops, a lot of melodic moxie, and a keen attention to detail that just can’t be taught, no matter how eager or interested the student may or may not be, and in this latest release, he’s putting his natural talents to work for him without wasting a drop of creative inspiration. He’s still got some room for growth, but for my money, his most recent recording in “The Coronavirus” deserves a spin from fans everywhere right now.

Nicole Killian

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