Female duo Wild Fire release new Single

Two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly? Music and summer. Wild Fire, a duo from Houston, Texas, have the perfect remedy for the summertime blues. Their new song “We Got The Summer” is a catchy wave of guitars and a hands-in-the-air sing-along fest. Young love dreams for younger listeners and fond memories for the older listeners, “We Got The Summer” has the ingredients that make up a stellar song.

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Wild Fire is comprised of sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig. Though still in their teens, these two have already amassed a self-titled debut EP and their second EP Been There came out April 2019. The Texas music community nominated Wild Fire for Texas Country Music Association in 2018. The band’s Facebook page lists artists like Maren Morris, Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella and Maddie & Tae as influences.  

“I’m falling under your spell…I’m thinking every night this summer, let’s be with each other” the sisters sing. The song is upbeat, perfect vibe that feels like cranking it up while driving with the top down. The electric guitar riffs are bouncy, with an almost banjo residue. The percussion is foot stompin’, the kind that feels great wearing either cowboy boots or flip-flops. I think the only way to make this song even better would be to add a fiddle, but what they have already is so tight. Wild Fire gives the listener a solid storyline – a new crush means summer is heating up. The song envisions a summer of going to concerts, watching sunsets and just being with each other. It’s innocent and fun. I think this song, too, also sounds almost like Fourth of July to me – it’s the freeing aspect and pure joy of expressing your feelings for another human being.

This song is about building a relationship with that special someone, but what I appreciated most about it, is that it makes you feel like you’re part of something. As a listener, I felt like I was joining in on their story, getting a birds eye view of a blossoming relationship. The excitement of being interested in someone that you’re attracted to is definitely conveyed in “We Got The Summer”. First love seems eternal when you hear it in this song.

Wild Fire’s voices are young sounding, but when they harmonize together, the blend sounds as if there were a thousand voices in unison. The synergy between them is both effortless and seamless. “We Got The Summer” has no low points. It’s all high energy. I also think fans of traditional country music and Americana will enjoy their voices. They have a pureness in their voices that can only be attained from true talent and passion for their craft. Age is just a number. I lost track of their age, and to be honest, without discovering their social media channels first, I wouldn’t have even known their ages. They sing as though they’ve been professionals their entire lives. I think Wild Fire’s “We Got This Summer” will catch on quickly.

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