Gleb Tsipursky “Never Go with Your Gut”

Gleb Tsipursky is an internationally recognized consultant and public speakers whose firm Disaster Avoidance Experts works with a number of elite companies and smaller-scale businesses. His team specializes in aiding these companies make the best possible decisions for clients and themselves and advises them on how to best avoid disastrous scenarios for both themselves and their clients. Outsiders may not appreciate the need for such consulting, but those closer to the reality of the situation realize business and organizational leadership are susceptible to  falling prey to a whole host of external and internal stressors. Bad advice, making decisions from an emotional rather than objective place, can undermine companies, organizations, and human lives. Tsipursky’s Never Go with Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters provides readers with a roadmap for steering clear of such moments and a brilliant debunking of the “trust your instincts” approach.

It is a brave move to bring so much of your unvarnished “self” to a non-fiction book of this type. Tsipursky answers that challenge, however, letting readers into his personal autobiography to better understand his motivations for writing this book. Such deep seeded passions inform the overall “pitch” of Tsipursky’s book. There is a level of understanding for human psychology running through this book far outstripping his peers and contemporaries. His experiences in the area of cognitive studies sharpened Tsipursky’s comprehension of our human makeup and his command over the topic gives Never Trust Your Gut far more meaning and resonance.


Each chapter includes a list of its benefits beginning the section and a summary at its conclusion. The chapters themselves are usually short, concision is one of their defining characteristics, and succinctly titled. There is a great deal of obvious planning that strengthens Never Trust Your Gut  but it would mean nothing if Tsipursky didn’t have the skill to carry it out. His use of exercises and occasional checklists in the book never competes with the pages of solid writing he provides. It is accessible to all readers, those versed in its concerns and otherwise, and presents its ideas in unambiguous terms.

The book runs a little over two hundred pages in its paperback edition and it is a more than manageable length for the work. Tsipursky works a wealth of material into a small package nevertheless packing quite a wallop. It isn’t difficult to come into accord with his conclusions throughout the book, but a record of him making his argument is nonetheless an often entertaining read without sacrificing an iota of substance.

Gleb Tsipursky’s Never Go with Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters doesn’t fritter away a reader’s time with digressions or any sort of hectoring; it lays out evidence for a methodology you either accept or do not. It’s another nice feature of this book that you can dip into it where you like and gain something for reading any chapter as a standalone. This is one of the more unique books of its type and well worth multiple readings.

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