Greg Hoy Releases 6-track EP “Cacophony 1”

Greg Hoy begins his two part album with the 6-track EP – Cacophony 1, a solid collection of Power Pop cuts recorded in the summer of 2020, during what anyone would consider a tough time to even decide to release music, but those who have, are of the same unrelenting force to reckon with. This songwriter plays many instruments and if you delve into his past you will still find this EP to be a stand-out achievement because the songs are so vibrant and in-your face, it cannot be denied. Recorded in The Secret Garage in Oakland, CA., on 2-inch tape.

There is no questioning the talents of Hoy, but not being familiar with him before hearing Cacophony 1, I made sure to take an interest to get a better scope of him and glad I did because it made these songs easy to enjoy and describe. The disc opens with “Cacophony” and you know after the first verse it is going to be a wave of nostalgia combined with up to date statements to be made. It clocks in as one of the overall most accessible numbers on the EP, but it’s an even split between them all for me with not one filler getting through.

“Messed Up World” is one of two single already getting traction on YouTube, and to get the full effect of the song it’s a no-brainer to direct readers to the promo videos from this release. If you like the music of Hoy it’s a must see as well, as the character shines through on stage and on video to the point where you can’t stop watching if you appreciate video. “Here Comes The Light” follows with one of the more melodic Power Pop numbers to keep the EP well-grounded and grooving along with an almost psychedelic style about it.


Next up, the tempo get downright loose on “Move Along” as the EP seems to read my mind by the pace of the previous number lending to this immensely pleasing song with a huge guitar break from Hoy, and smooth lyrical landing and outro. I recall after hearing this number for the first time, wondering what is not to like about Hoy, he hasn’t forgotten the basic fundamentals of rock, nor does he sound pedestrian or underproduced. But he does retain some of the beauties of those factors in the process, making him an all-round musical maestro without being overstated.

“Can You Take It” is the follow-up single to include a video, and duly noted as one of the highlights on Cacophony 1, with respect going to all six numbers, but a big plus going to the message Hoy gets across here. And with or without a video to keep the eyes busy, this is complete with lyrics worth the price of admission. The final cut “Do Unto Others” does not fail to please on the way out either, with a mildly preachy vocal reminding people of their manners in which we can all tell are clearly at odds for some in today’s society.

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