“It’s All About You” by Studeo

Studeo are a duo out of Melbourne, AU, featuring Jeremy and Christine Stork, two very prominent musicians with a lot of late releases and more on the way. Their current single “It’s All About You” is from the full length CD, You’re The One, and it’s the main focus of this review but Studeo have been around and it’s worth noting some of their achievements and describe some of their background. The music is very contemporary and that is just one of the reasons why their name should be more well known and I’m glad I got a chance to hear them.

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When you look far enough into their duo’s past, you’ll find a lot of recent activity which has taken them abroad for awards and everything, it’s a lot to write home about. But the music they’re writing, recording and performing, speaks for itself on every level. Once that is the case, there is no being surprised by the attention they’ve been given through receiving these awards for their music accomplishments. They’ve released multi EP’s and now doing full length albums on Bongo Boy Records. I’m still discovering more of their music since visiting their website and it all comes recommended.

Jeremy played guitar for Melbourne’s Moby Dick, before joining the band Casablanca, opening for the Australia’s biggest acts, Little River Band and AD/DC. And Christine is a formally trained vocalist having played in various cover bands. Their songwriting and production values are world class among a lot of contemporaries that don’t even come close to what they’re doing, but that doesn’t exceed their accessibility. “It’s All About You” is a song anyone can get a lot of miles out of from repeated outings, ultimately because of its pop structure. But they also show signs of smooth jazz and what I would consider more adult pop styling.

This is very easy music to get into, with no attitude or any other issues holding it back. The positive message seems to be its biggest strength, and it’s an infectious groove you can’t set down once you’re into it. The tradition in which the songwriting follows is of most importance because of the classic nature of it but the overall mood of the song drives it further home with an uplifting chorus you can’t forget once you’ve heard it.

BONGO BOY RECORDS: https://bongoboyrecords.com/studeo/

When I first played “It’s All About You,” I was instantly headed for more music from Studeo and that’s when I found a pot of gold, so do not stop at this track. It’s a fantastic song but they’re taking the genre to another level with content you can keep in your playlist if you’re a digital platform consumer of music. And you don’t have to hear “It’s All About You” ten times to understand it because they’re a clean and extremely precise songwriting team. Just one listen to Christine’s voice and it’s over, but the excellent guitar playing of Jeremy seals the deal for this band and the song they well serve.

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