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Lavendine’s “Here to You” is the latest single from Oklahoma’s Ayers sisters, twins named Jacy and Jana, and likely their best recording yet. It deserves consideration, as well, as the duo’s best songwriting too. Anyone can understand the tandem’s desire to have their music heard by the widest possible audience and performing Christian contemporary music wasn’t going to make that possible. The result is unadulterated musical art.


It isn’t without minor imperfections. It’s probably a minor quibble with most or some listeners, but the pristine nature of the recording may work against it. The words depict an essentially life and death struggle but the juxtaposition of such lyrics against a musically lyrical backdrop foregoes potential alternate directions.  It’s hard to find fault with it, however. The musicianship is superb, yes, but it won’t be a love match for a few.

Imagining someone finding the lyrics objectionable, however, is difficult, if not impossible. The deceptively simple writing does a fine job of summing up, in essence, the lessons of a lifetime. Lavendine never treats the track like poetry set to song but, instead, like a dramatic monologue for listeners attesting to their continued survival. You won’t hear any moments of figurative chest-beating during Lavendine’s “Here to You”. Instead, it sounds like a graceful meditation about life’s long and curvy trails.

The song’s video pushes those lyrics to the fore. Lyric videos seem to enjoy a special connection with audiences that’s only further enhanced by choosing such appropriate imagery as Lavendine has here. The font they’ve picked for the lyrics is artistic without looking too pretentious. A good video can mean a lot of different things, but there’s a consensus that the best clips work with the song and stand on their own as well. “Here to You” fits the bill in that regard.

The drums are especially impactful. A great drummer can propel or sink any song and Lavendine benefits in a big way from the authoritative and unerring percussion. It sets a hard-hitting pace for the song while still paying close attention to “orchestrating” the song’s narrative. Casual music fans never really notice how the drumming for a song can influence their emotional response to the track and that’s definitely the case here.

The guitar playing focuses more on providing colorful fills or melodies than serving up riffs. It’s fiery work, however, and more than sufficient to give “Here to You” extra musical punch. The whole feeling of this track is rather adventuresome in the sense that it brims with life and its instrumental components are an important part of its appeal specifically and as a group.

It is safe to say that Lavendine appreciates every note of this song, every line, and every opportunity they have to bring their music to appreciative audiences. They have every right in the world to be proud of this song. Jana and Jacy Ayers are two performers in touch with music’s transformative magic and invoke it here for anyone who cares to listen. Many will. 

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