Long Island’s Ava Della Pietra Releases New Single

There are certain telltale signs of a musical performer and songwriter destined to pursue that path for life. The artists meant to endure often begin writing their own material before they are out of their teenage years and Long Island’s Ava Della Pietra is no exception. Ava recorded her first song at 10 years old and she’s since logged time as a Broadway performer while continuing to hone her burgeoning songwriting talents. Her new single “talk it out” is another step towards the mainstream pop stardom that her immense gifts demand and it’s a thoroughly relatable original composition delivered with passion and immediacy.

It’s passion and immediacy that carry the day for this tune. She’s composed this song from somewhere deep within rather than glossing over the multitude of thorny emotions that a scenario such as this would engender. Writing about a friendship fractured for hazy reasons and leaving wreckage in its wake isn’t a songwriting subject out of Pop Song 101, but Della Pietra makes this her territory and leaves us wondering why someone hasn’t explored similar subject matter before now.

She fashions a vital performance out of it. There’s no disputing that. Nor is there any dispute that the arrangement for “Talk it out” matches the fearsome intensity that she brings to the song’s vocals. Her command of the track’s curt, no messing around language borders on a near rant and that’s fine. Della Pietra undercuts that bordering, however, with several key adjustments. She tempers her singing at crucial points during the verses and her work during the song’s bridge is especially noteworthy.

The song’s video is noteworthy as well. It’s a polished and visually appealing clip that’s the obvious product of skill and clear vision. “talk it out” is an appetizing candidate for a music video for a variety of reasons, but one among the many is the track’s length. Its three and a half minute long running time is ideally suited for the almost dizzying assortment of cuts Della Pietra throws at the viewer during its duration and, despite that, we never feel like we’ve lost our way. It’s an outstanding complementary piece.

Marrying these two key strengths together makes for a dazzling overall package. Ava Della Pietra has upped her game with each new release and “talk it out” continues that trend with its dazzling quasi-rock qualities that never completely abandon her pop strengths. There really is something for everyone on this track.

It will be greeted as such. She’s nearing an early peak, as this song clearly illustrates, and burns with assertive confidence at every juncture of this tune. It never tries biting off any more than it can chew, and the results bear out her growing powers. If you’re hearing Della Pietra’s work for the first time, you’ll come away from “talk it out” wanting more. If you are already familiar with her musical skills, this single will fortify your likely belief that she is one of the best working today and that there are even greater moments to come. 

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