Merging the Lines of Design and Advertisement

Design is a big aspect of advertisements. The colors, shapes, textures, and images we see are often held in our memory because the way we feel when seeing them. There is a lot of thoughts that go into an advertisement, and sometimes those visionaries are great artists we can get inspiration from. But first, it’s important to think about the ways design and advertisement are different before learning how we can merge them together to create a rhetoric that is influential and something that truly brings out the essence of the thing a person wants to advertise.

            Advertisement falls into many classifications. There are advertisements for different uses, and each category requires a specific rhetoric to achieve the reaction that is intended for that product or brand. Therefore, there will be different decisions made by the graphic designer when they are creating an advertisement for technology and electronics, compared to when they have a movie in mind, and they are designing a poster. There are many different emotions, visions, and rhetoric that come to play. That is why many artists dedicate their lifetime and body of works to one type of advertisement, as they excel that category of work. However, there are also some artists that are multi-disciplinary. They work with a range of tools and mediums to convey a message to their audience.

            When an artist is able to work across a number of mediums and tools to create an advertisement, they are able to touch on a number of categories and classifications of advertisements. These artists are usually the ones who have a strong vision and a powerful understanding of their surroundings. Anything can inspire them to create something that inspires others. At NY Art Life, we are committed to introducing these artists as they can have a positive impact on art lovers and those working in the same artistic field. This artist and graphic designer is Yiran Li.

            Yiran Li is a great example of a person who is multi-disciplinary not only in the sense that they use a number of mediums to practice their craft, but because they are able to dive deep into many different classes of their craft and transport messages in different areas of advertising. Li is truly an artist to keep your eye on, and to get inspiration from. Yiran Li is a designer, and she  had much success in her career, most notably in China and now in New York.

            It is every designer’s goal to see their own work advertising a major brand in their city. Once they find their own work on a newspaper, it is success. Once they find it in many magazines, it means their work is successful in persuasion and carrying messages meant for inspiration. By the time they have seen their designs on a billboard, it is a thrill unlike no other. Yiran Li has enjoyed that success having worked for major electronic companies such as HTC and Motorola. her advertisements and promotional designs for HTC and Motorola in China were widespread in flagship stores and on the streets of Beijing.

            But beside two-dimensional advertisements and designs, the practicality of Yiran Li’s work has been proven with her collaboration with Dettol. she designed the Chinese version of the packaging of Dettol products that can still be found in supermarkets across Asia, as well as Asian supermarkets in the United States. This is when advertisement and design merge. When practicality and vision are no longer separate. Yiran Li believes in having an original vision, even when she is working with a team of individuals where each person has their own vision.

            For instance, Yiran worked with a team on posters for movies and musicals, which exposed her to the universe another person created. While that does call for inspiration on the outside, Yiran Li always insists on having a perspective and being able to draw from that place as a lens, such as one on a camera. Yiran Li’s work has been widely recognized as she was selected for the IAI Advertising Works and Digital Marketing Yearbook many times, and she won the bronze award which she considers to be one of her personal highest achievements throughout her career.

            Yiran Li has always relied on her vision and the way she has found inspiration in all things around her. she has a deep focus that enables her to see shapes, light, colors, values, and the environment differently. These are the skills a multi-disciplinary artist needs to be able to promote various things. And to have a good sense of their surroundings will help them come up with original ideas that then turn into sketches, designs, and then a full body of work which is their craft.

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