Dance is a Lifetime Art: Beatriz Castro’s Shoes

Every division of the arts is known to be special. Every artist speaks of how important it is to have a body of work throughout your lifetime. But how often have you thought about the complexities of dance, and the long years of dancing until the stage introduces you to your favorite new artist? It takes a lifetime, as it does with painters, writers, directors, actors, and any other type of artist.

            New York City is one of the best venues for art, whether it is visual, conceptual, written word, film, performance, or theatrical. There are so many artists who are trying to have their one big break that will open more and more doors so that they can show their skill and craft to the world, and share what they love most with those who enjoy it. But one thing is forgotten; how long it actually takes for an artist to achieve that level of strength within their work, and how many tries until that one success presents itself.

            Like other forms of art, dance has many different styles: contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, Latin, ballroom, etc. All of which takes years of practice to learn and in turn, master. But for many dancers, it is difficult to just focus on one form of the art. Many dancers enjoy dancing in a variety of styles. Additionally, many modern performances include combinations of different dance techniques. For instance, some may include influences of ballet combined with jazz, so a dancer will have to be prepared in a broad range of dance styles. Although it is difficult, it will be greatly beneficial for an artist to know more than one technique. This introduces them to more people, more venues, and many inspiring plays.

            One artist worth knowing is Beatriz Castro. Beatriz is a dancer, performer, choreographer, and movement instructor. She is based in New York City and has experience appearing on shows and in different ensembles. Beatriz is highly regarded in Costa Rica and the US for her complex, yet unique approach to dance. Beatriz is a dancer that has dedicated her professional career to discovering and mastering her craft. There are challenges that make an artist question their work or the way they are making progress. This is natural and happens with every artist, no matter which area of art they pursue.

            Beatriz knew dancing and performance was her true interest in life from a young age. It is notable to know that Beatriz Castro began appearing in productions of Sound of Music, The Nutcracker, and The Sleeping Beauty of the Forest early on. She enjoyed working on those roles, but then she began working with more contemporary dance styles and newer productions.  

            She is currently an avid dancer and company member at Verbal Animal and Spark Movement Collective. She has had countless successful appearances and performances at Eugene O’Neill Theater, Arts On Site, HBO TV Shows, and other venues. Her work is being seen by many audiences, which is the result of continuous work.

After twenty years of performing, she acquired the position of choreographer at many Artist Residencies that recognize the importance of exploring dance through the self. That is an important aspect of art, especially in dance, as the dance continues to advance. This assisted with her work as an instructor. Some of these residencies include Motive Brooklyn, and Downtown Brooklyn Rehearsal Residency, Pepatián & BAAD! Ancillary Project – Dancing Futures Residency recipient.

She was able to craft original choreographies that explored different areas of dance and later incorporated those findings into her work, pieces such as a lyrical dance and Time is a Flat Circle,

Beatriz continues to pursue dance as a strong passion in her life and loves helping people explore the human condition through her curiosity about dance. She hopes to find new dimensions with dance continuously as she practices her craft with the ability to share it with others.

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