“Not This Time” (single) by Tanille

“Not This Time” is the hot new track from New York’s Tanille. It’s electro-pop with a splash of R&B at its finest. Tanille’s sensual and commanding voice hovers over a fresh beat. “Not This Time” has an immediate hook and Tanille’s star will surely rise. She puts her foot down, sets her boundaries and this juicy song is just the right, universal connection.

Tanille’s passion for entertaining began at age three. By the time she was seven, she was already competing in local talent competitions. She began writing her own music in her teens, and notes icons Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and more as influences. I also heard echoes of Natalie Cole and Tracie Spencer lingering in her voice. Tanille really shines on her own merit, though. In her press materials, she also notes that the 80s club groovin’ beats make their way into her music. I think this pallet is definitely represented in “Not This Time” but it does have a very modern tone. Tanille has a very strong vocal presence and the music bed is just icing on the cake. She’s very fun, but should be taken serious.

All I wanted was your kisses and your love, Tanille sings. In the song there is a fine mix of electronic texturing, including some resonating voice reverb. On the first listen, I was hoping for a bit more organic, just isolated vocals. The more I listed to Tanille, I get why she used this for the final track. It really bolsters her point and drives home that she’s not putting up with an apology with this guy anymore. I just want someone compassionate that I can trust, she sings. So cool and calm she sings, I’m not gonna go crazy, not this time. She’s still very passionate and really throws herself into the chorus. Finally, she lays to rest and says her final words with you know what you did, I can’t forgive, not this time. Chills!

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This song is very relatable and for anyone that is just done with a person – or even just the last straw on a job, “Not This Time” sends shockwaves through the system. I really dig how Tanille carries the tone in a positive light. The music bedrock could be darker or even shrill and it’s not. It’s warm, upbeat and great groove. As you rack up the listens to this song on your playlist, it’s just too fun to hum along the ‘not this time’ chorus in your brain. For hours. It definitely sticks with you; Tanille’s vocal grip on you is very strong.

Tanille’s previous songs “Baby Come Back to Me” and “Feel It” are in great company with “Not This Time”. She continues to roll out great songs and the footprints she’s leaving in both the pop & R&B world is going to be seen and heard for a long time. It’s evident that she has the writing skills, and vocal prowess to continue to connect with a global audience.

Nicole Killian

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