REVILUTION brings a BRAND NEW SPIN to an Old School Heavy Rock Sound…

Thank you for your time today.  Please share with our readers the latest news of REVILUTION!

Marie B, vocals: Hi, you’re welcome and thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. Right now we are creating new music for the upcoming 10 song album. We’re also getting ready for a red carpet walk in Hollywood at The Avalon.
Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: Mostly just working on new material in the jam studio, and keeping sharp on the older stuff for when we’re ready to play live again.

What have been your greatest achievements in 2019?

Marie: Our greatest achievement is that we are still a band even though we have had many things challenging us. We have had equipment stolen and people in our band who didn’t have the band’s best interest at heart. Or simply could not commit to what has to be done to keep the band going. That makes it more challenging for the remaining band members. That is a very honest thing to say but I think it’s a testament to the greatness of REVILUTION. The music has it’s own energy and must be made.
Dan: I would say playing in LA, San Diego, and Vegas, especially in light of the lineup changes we’ve gone through.

Where are you guys headed for 2020?

Marie: Finishing the album and touring it. Not necessarily in that order. We made some nice contacts at the 95.5 KLOS-FM Badland Wives “Rock Against Domestic Violence” event. I think we will definitely be filming substantial music videos to promo the new album. We had some very nice conversations with Kris Mathur who has done hundreds of music videos including Aerosmith, “Janie’s Got a Gun” and Metallica. (Kris said that in the Aerosmith video they were using these flame throwers for an effect and it was so hard on the crew working 22 hour days.) Another contact I made was one in Topanga, CA where Badland Wives was filmed. A pleasant gentleman I met while walking around on the red carpet with author Diana Mathur, MBA & Novelist. We had the funnest time posing for pictures on the red carpet and chatting around with people.

Dan: Hopefully drumming up some label interest, too, with the new material we’re writing.

Please tell us about the new music you guys are currently creating.  Are you in the studio recording or currently writing in rehearsals?

Marie: We record every rehearsal and we come up with new sounds every time we play together. It is heavier than our previously recorded music. Reaching even deeper to the listener. As a result the energy is more intense.

Dan: Right now we’re writing in rehearsal, at least the rhythm parts. I need music before I can write lyrics, so I save that part for when I can have some alone time.

Your video for BASTARD is very fun.  Who conceptualized this video and where was it shot?

Marie: Dan came up with it all and Scott found the location off the grid for us to film it. I conceptualized the dance moves and location on the back of the train organically. I don’t remember if Dan said to go up on the train or not. I do remember just climbing up there.

Dan: Since the song is semi-autobiographical, I figured the video should have concepts that reflect my life story, as well, such as working on a vehicle in the middle of nowhere, stranded. When I first moved to California to become a musician, I struggled to find work as a mechanic and nearly wound up homeless because my luck was not so good at the time. The band riding to my rescue in the video is a callback to meeting Marie through a mutual friend and having her finance my musical dreams, which saved me from living on the streets. The second half of the video was filmed at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA. Trains have always made me think of freedom and adventure, like just climbing on and riding the rails, seeing what new things you can experience. That’s very much what REVILUTION has been for me, too.

Where can we follow you on line?





Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Marie: Yes. I believe that Courageous Content is the up and coming subject in entertainment. In her acceptance speech, Beth Sullivan spoke of her genius intelligence causing her injuries from an accident in Australia to be cloaked. Her diagnosis included this data. She spoke of it in explanation as to why she had an extended absence in her career. Through her journey to healing, this new entertainment content will be the next big thing. All about kindness, holistic healing and self care. To abbreviate an entire presentation in a few sentences. Our new music will fit in with this because music is healing.

Dan: I appreciate every single person that reads this interview!!! Thank you!!!!

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